Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jay Z Mixtape Gone Too Far

So I decided I wanted to go on some website and download some recent mistakes that just came out and I come across a mixtape by Jay Z called Dear Summer.

First off I already have a problem with Jay Z because of his background dealing with some devil worship type stuff. When I say devil worship I am not talking about masonry because what people don't understand about masonry is that masonry is an organization filled with smaller organizations in it. Factions, if you will.

Masonry is a great thing to be apart of but the thing is there are so many ways you can go with it. If I was to join something like that, I would not use it to abuse what I have learned. I would take the information I learned and make life happen. Not seem like I am trying to defy god.

-- Pay It 4Ward

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Anonymous said...

Word. I don't understand masonry, cults, factions and why people join such. I feel like they need direction, ya know?