Saturday, January 22, 2011

Setback Saturday: Existence

Has anyone ever sat down and seriously thought about the idea of being alive? Seriously, I'm not going crazy I am just speaking my mind. Lol. The idea that EVERYONE in the world is different in some way. How crazy is that?! Billions of people, different sizes, colors, textures, body types, features, hair, feet, hands, innies, outties, male/female genitalia, it is rediculous. And the biggest thing is that everyone has a soul, a lifestyle, a different way they see life through what they experience while being alive on this land we call earth in a solar system with no other form of contact to anything else in this dimensia. I think its insane.

I am simply saying this stuff because I was thinking one day of what it means to be a part of society as a person and then I began to think about what it means to be alive. Some people say being alive is having sex, or making use of yourself, or connecting with your spirit, or yadda yadda yadda. The thing about it is when you really think about what it means to have an existence like we have and live the life as we know it without knowing how exactly all of this came to be to begin with, you begin to realize how thankful you should be to have parents that gave up millions of sperm, an egg, 7-10 months, pain and unger of lugging you around, then birthed you into a world that you will experience in your own way with your own thoughts, your own being, I think that is the best gift anybody could give to another person. But that still just makes me wonder how this all came to be. I'm talking about before God, like who made god? Did that being above pop out of thin air and give us the beautiful experience to live on the great one's own? Who knows. Will we ever know? Hmm maybe when the Mayan Calender runs out. Lets see what happens then I guess...

But until then. I thank the highest beings of all beings for allowing me to live. Deuces

Setback: Being depressed makes no sense. If you can't make your own fun other than enjoying thinking of bad thoughts, consider helping yourself out by caring about the life you were given instead of potentially taking it away. Its your life, not the world's.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Late Night Moral Monday: Killing a Part of Yourself

Death is a part of life. Killing is also a part of life.

Life consists of a general flow, yea lets use some engineering words, of a process that gives a person millions of resources to use. In this same process, there is a time when the process is over and nothing happens with that person anymore. What I am trying to say is life is a box of chocolates and once you ate all the chocolate you could, you may realize that this exact chocolate may be the reason why you died. Now, dont jump to the conclusions abou tme and your personal reasons to eat certain food. I love Snickers. They are amazing. The point I am trying to get across is that how do you think it feels to die? Has anyone ever thought about what actually happens to their spirit or how the process turns out? Idk thats besides the real point of this bloop.

I was watching the news some time ago and I realized how the news ultimately never has anything good to say. You watch the news to see what is going on in the world, but most times, you are not being notified of what is actually going down, you are being told stories that are chosen to specifically increase ratings to the station. The topic that is being chosen 85% of the time is murder and drugs. With that said, the crazy reality is that the world is not a negative place as the news makes it seem to be, it is pleasant. But to go back to the murders occurring in the world, has anyone who hasnt killed another human being ever thought about how that really affects someone? Go on think about it, i'll give you a moment. Cool. Alright.

To kill another human being with no remorse is a very unlikely statement. A drug dealer gets mad at one of his clients because he didnt pay his money and they kill him. Is it safe to say that the more you kill, the crazier you get? As the title of this blog says, I believe that killing another human being also kills a part of theirself. Lets think about it in terms of a war situation now. World War II was one of the ugliest wars to happen in this world and it is ashame the amount of people that gave their lives for pride in themselves about an issue they were not fully aware of. After WWII ended, the military came home and their families noticed the dramatic change in their loved one. They came home tired, mentally wounded, lifeless at times, even angry at the world. They were put in a situation that people should be thankful not to experience. To kill a person is like trying to defy the creator himself. If you ever seen the movie "Final Fantasy," remind yourself of the plague of ghosts that romed the world taking human's souls. Picture the process of the souls they would take as a sign of what happens when you kill someone else. Your soul is slowly being taken away and replaced with cold bitterness.

Moral: Death is life. Natural deaths are good too

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Setback Saturday: Is Lying Wrong when Protecting?

Lets think about this people. When you were in elementary school and saw someone being 'bullied,' the teacher pointed you out to ask you, "What happened Kendal? Why does Jeremy have a black eye?" Do you tattle or take a hit and not say a word? I feel liek most people at this age would havent said anything out of the whole "Dont snitch" thing. Yea that is still around for sure. But lets get serious.

Have you ever thought about lying to protect someone from hurting or causing harm? Did you not want to hurt your spouse because you were slightly cheating that one time? Did you mess up a friend's relationship with someone else but didn't want to let it known publicly? Were you wrongfully accused of something but never told who actually did the crime?

I feel as though there is a limit to what one can actually say to people and not worry about what those implications can do. Many people can take things the wrong wayside not fully understand your perspective at times. I feel as though speaking the truth can set you free by being upon unneeded issues at times. People will not always accept what you do for them or like how you deal with situations but it is important o understand how to take these situations and amend to them so you have less drama in your life.

I have secrets just like everyone else. It is obviously my choice to keep these secrets in but sometimes the best thing to do is lock it away an forget about it instead of ponder about how someone may feeling they found out about something you did for them or to them. Although I like to know information about certain things, I also know when to stop and realize if knowing this will actually matter down the road. Did my last girlfriend cheat on me? I don't know. Are my friends my real friends? I dont know. Will we stay friends for awhile? Who knows. Sometimes living in the moment is the best thing to do.

Setback: There is a reason why god put our brains higher than our hearts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

In the Sleepbox: Dreams Galore

The Home dream with people trying to kill me

I had a dream that I was at my home with random people and one of the people didnt like me very well and for some reason I was freaked out that this person was going to shoot me.

The Wilderness dream with Godzilla trying to kill me

I was in the wilderness with a group of people running away from Godzilla. For some reason Godzilla had a personal vendetta on me because when he found us he purposely wanted to kill me first. I was hiding in a bush while everyone else was in the open and he purposely went in the bush to get me out and rip me in two.

Being held up in a multi level restaurant when I had nothing to do with anything

I was hanging out with friends eating and we were waiting in line to get food while someone behind me caused some issues with my friends in front of me. I was trying to stop them from getting into anything deep and, keep in mind they are all girls for some reason, the girl behind me pulls out a gun and everyone starts running. Next thing you knwo she is pointing it at me and I manage to take the gun away to find out she had another gun behind her back...she then saw my camera around my neck and stole it. Great.

WTF is up with these dreams. They all happened in the same night.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moral Monday: If I was a Book

This question is simple and to the point. If I was a book, what kind of book would I be? I know most people would say  "What kind of Super Hero/Star/ Famous Person/ Animal/ Inanimate Object would you be?" You fill in the blank. Books hold much more substance that all of those options above. Why? Well, its a book! Books make your mind wonder, books test your imagination skills, books sharpen your intellect as a person because it makes you think! Now, tell me which one of those options above do that? Yea, didn't think so.

The Cover

If I was a book, I would look extremely dull. Although well manufactured with top-of-the-line material, thicker pages, hardback, sturdy with a quality leather strap to keep it closed like a fortress, the book would not look appealing to any soul that gave it a first glance. If the Angels and Demons was next to the book, people would probably screech in disapproval on why a book that looks so dull and unwelcoming should be put next to a bestseller. The thing about this book is that it would ALSO be a bestseller. Not gassing. People would be even more confused as to why it is liked by so many people but looks like it won't say anything spectacular in it. It could even get mistaken for a textbook for a class...yea.

The Intro

As you open the book, you are still unsettle in your stomach about how this $50 novel is worth more than 90% of books out and why your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, and best friend are so religious about reading this book over and over again. The intro starts out like any other book, "Such and such and such and such embark on a journey that will test their will as a human being blah blah blah blah blah." Nothing pleasing so far in the intro but then, you see something, something you wouldn't have expected before. Something that opened up a whole can of worms and caused you to not even think of putting the book back on the display with the rest of bestseller books. You found something in this book you have only seen in the elite of books. Purpose. Dynamic. Culture. 'I don't think I can let this book go' you say? I didn't think so. Read on.

The Plot

Every plot has a twist. Most plots keep the turnarounds coming to confuse the reader even more. The plot in this book somehow continues to second guess the reader every chapter. The book is very to the point and has no problem being a real and to the point, no bullshit rundown. Although books cannot be successful without some type of drama, the book handles drama with a "foot in the mouth" feel when dramatic situations occur. The suspense is enough to bring excitement to anyone's day. It is common for people to discuss the book in amazement, "I still don't understand why he did that. Like, I understand but, I still don't get it and it kills me inside!" The discussion is halted with a smirking lad that has to chime  in and say "Just keep reading. your answer will be found eventually if it is at all." The action, at times, can be too much to handle "What is with this guy and girls?! Where does he find these people?" The will of the reader is truly tested by the ups and downs of the book. It is common for a reader to take some time off from reading the book due to an overload of so much happening at once. All in all, when the book is finished, the reader feels satisfied and in a sense like they learned a life altering lesson about journeys, trips and travels (If you think about it, all of these mean different things). Most readers cannot place exactly what the motive of the book is until they are three quarters of the way through it. Even then, confusion is still in the forefront when the climax hits.

The Climax

The most exciting part of the book. The big turnaround. The thing that gets the reader to finish the damn book! The climax in this book would be more like beauty in the eye of the beholder. Everybody is a critic and everyone has their own viewpoints, meaning not everyone will enjoy the big turnaround of the big. But of course, the point is not for them to fully enjoy it, the key is understanding it and justifying it in their mind. Once this occurs, people act like they just saw zeitgeist or something. Their thoughts on the book and the way they perceived it completely changes, the way they may see their life may change, the way things happen in life may be taken differently. They are going to want to finish the book whether it takes three days of no sleep or a few hours. It's kinda like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that its there and near, but also knowing it is still a decent distance away and still wanting to finish without any breaks in between...maybe to sip on some wine or something. The climax is when 95% of questions are answered to the reader. Although the majority of answers are now of access to them in their mind, the big questions still stay unanswered until the end of the book.

The Resolution

The book ends on a positive note. Not on some happily ever after stuff but in a light that shines toward motivation and accomplishment rather than gloominess and dismay. The reader finishes the book and immediately begins a letter to the author on how they felt about reading it, etc. etc.

My thought of me being a book came from me thinking of how I see myself and how I evaluate myself as a person from social interaction and my own thoughts. The majority of the things I described come from other people and how they saw me initially, currently, and where they see me going. A book is something many don't see as of importance anymore because of the youth being sucked into the media and such. Hopefully this is a book that can change something like that when given the chance. But until then, this blog will be my outward calling.

Moral: Give your brain judgement and thought. Media can only do so much to give you intellect. I don't think watching "The Matrix" will give you much thought into reality. You might learn something you didn't know before or you might learn something about yourself if you expand your mind.