Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the Sleepbox: Spiders

  • Spiders dream at NSBE week wth hundreds of kids. 
  • Saw pete Edwards and madubuike and Avery Brianna Krystle lao. 
  • It was the best NSBE hslc Iever seen. 
  • Kids were looking like they should not be in college because of their age  
  • spiders broke out at dinner with a lot of food and they were racking all the bugs up

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sidebar: When Drinking Goes Wrong

"Fuck! I think I drunk texted the wrong chick!"
 Five minutes later.....
"Aww fuck she said sure!!" - Anonymous

This person will stay unquoted because they were very intoxicated and very horny. I just need to quote it because it was unreal. He was texting girls to see who was trying to come over and well...apparently...they texted the wrong girl.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Moral Monday: Connections

So I am at the bar hanging out with a group of friends. The friends I just so happen to be hanging out with are bartenders and DJs. At the bar, a group of girls sit next to me and are conversing about random things. I am not really laying them any mind but to be honest they were pretty attractive. My friend who bartends, lets call him Joe Schmoe, asks me if I would like a refill on the drink I was sipping on. My favorite drink is a Black Russian by the way. I cannot get enough of that drink. He fills the drink and dutifully returns it to me. I motion to get my wallet so I can pay for the drink and he waves me off as I go for it. Appreciatively, I raise my drink and take a sip out of respect and gratitude for the drink. As I do this, the girls next to me notice I did not pay and start talking amongst themselves about what they just saw. I overhear them getting louder and louder with their convo about how I didn't pay for my drink and I began to giggle to myself because I knew exactly what they were talking about.

This was interesting to me because I realized then and there how key it is to keep contacts with everyone. It is so important to meet new people and stay in contact because you never know when that person can be an asset to your life or company. That whole experience made me consider how networking is the way of life.

Moral: Stalk Everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Setback Saturday: Touching back with old ties

Its good to talk to people from high school that have changed for the better but in a different way than yourself because they went a different route.

I attended my neighbor's nephew's graduation party for high school the other day and I was happy to see many people from my graduating class were in attendance. I ended up having a really long conversation with a friend from high school I haven't seen since we graduated.

What really stunned me was how we were both on the same page with a ton of things we talked about. The big difference was how different our lifestyles were in the past four years. I was off at college learning through other people while this person stayed at home learning themselves and their child.

Through this discussion, I came to the conclusion that life doesn't matter in terms of what you do to get where you are at in life, it's all about learning how to survive in this day and age. Life is about survival and nothing else.

We were talking about all the kids from high school that were killed, in jail, or completely MIA and that's when we unifyingly came to the conclusion that life is all about survival and knowing how to do it.

Setback: learn about life before life takes you over.

-- Pay It 4Ward

Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Sleepbox: High School

  • Dreamed that I went back to hs
  • Had to retake classes after finishing my almost last semester of college
  • Realized how retarded my old hs was.
  • All the teachers were new and my age
  • Went back to tenth grade specifically
  • Peed all over myself like a lil kid when I went to the br
  • Was dumbing down the teacher because the schoolwork given was stupid

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Sleepbox: The Fish Market

  • Had a job interview early in the morning
  • Was not at UP Penn State at the time
  • was staying over my friend Kaurys' apartment
  • She stayed over a fish market type of place
  • My leg was bothering me so they hand crafted a solid metal brace for me at the fish market
  • The fish market owner's wife let me into Kaurys' apartment without even knowing if I knew her, I guess from my pacing
  • I was going to be late for my appointment
  • Ended up going to the wrong apartment and meeting their daughter
  • They helped me craft the metal brace
  • they wanted me to eat before I went to the interview so I stopped to eat
  • Time was going much slower than I thought
  • I did all of this in one hour
  • I saw a kid get messed up on a bike too big for him riding in the snow
  • Tiff Cruz was also in the dream at Qdoba
  • I went to Qdoba thinking Kaurys was there because she said she was at a Qdoba
  • I needed her key
  • I thanked the fish market owners for their niceness and free food
  • I dont remember leaving for the interview
Yea. It didnt make ANY Sense.

Sidebar: Engineering is too much for people

Engineering is too much for people It's wild how many people I know that have either dropped out, switched majors, or did something else wild because engineering took them over. It is truly an accomplishment to graduate from penn state with an engineering degree. All the struggle you go through just to graduate is completely rediculous. Non engineers will never understand unless they take a class specifically for engineers. Then you will completely understand the situations they go through. You always have the genious in a room full of normals and there will always be the complete slackers. What's important is the middle people. The middle people who are monoriies. They have the toughest position to be in because not only are they looked down upon as not being as smart as their white counterparts, it is tough to find more people to study with as well as relate with. 

I am simply going off some random stuff but yea, this is how I feel.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Moral Monday: Make Something Outta Nothing

Everyday, people make something out of nothing. The true beauty of art is how well somebody can make something out of completely nothing. It is truly amazing seeing the thought process of an experienced painter as they decided what colors to use in a draw, if they want to use pencil, pastel, oil, etc. Each drawing takes a ton of work to muster up believe it or not.

The same comes from making music or even DJing music. Many people do not realize how much skill it takes to pick the right song to play at the right time. It's not something you can choose on the spot. It's something that comes with being able to read a crowd, judge the type of music that gets them bumping, that makes them bored, and that gets them in a good mood. It also comes with being able to master the art of changing songs and transitioning. It's something that many see as easy but few really master.

From being friends with many DJs, I have had many opportunities to witness them in their element. From first glance, you see turntables, a computer, and some other sound equipment. It doesn't even make sense how they know how to use any of it. Then, they do their magic of playing songs and transitioning and you simply see your mind go from stimulated to overworked to understand what the heck they are doing. But from the dancefloor nobody actually sees this going on and thinks it's a simple job to have. Wrong.

The reason I spoke about artwork and DJing is because I feel they go hand in hand. DJing for a night is like musically drawing out artwork to the ears of the people. If you play the wrong song, or perhaps paint something the wrong way, people may not enjoy what you have done. If you do it right, it's like watching Michael Jackson live in concert in his prime. Pure envy and total gratitude. So this post goes to all my brothers who bring art to my ears every night I come out for support in an event.

DJ Bonics

DJ Digital Dave

DJ Nugget

DJ Pete Butta

DJ Zimmie

Moral Monday: Sit down somewhere and enjoy the smell of roses because you never know when you may never get to sit and enjoy the beauty of a rose ever again

-- Pay It 4Ward

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Setback Saturday: Why Me?

As a black man living in a nation run by fat white old men, you tend to wonder how do you fit in, where you are actually from, and how do you plan on surviving. The key question to what I am trying to understand is below:

Where am I really from and wat can I call my own?

It is hard to reach a point in your own life and know that you do not fully know where exactly you are from or how you came to get where you are. Of course, I know a tiny bit of where I am from. My family is based in Mississippi and Maryland and still lives there...but what else? What else can I recall about my roots?

I know I am African descent but what part of Africa am I from? What happened to my ancestors for them to find their way to the Americas? Why were they chosen as individuals to be sent over to the Americas as Africa's trash that they didn't want anymore? Why were we stripped of our identities and given names that do not represent our background, but our owner's backgrounds? These are all questions I have for the people that did what they did to my ancestors and I just wish there was one person that could answer them.

Setback: Things in your life you may take for granted may actually be the most important morsel of information you may ever need to know. So write it down and remember it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mr. Clean does WONDERS to keyboards!!!!!

My MacBook Pro keyboard looks brand spanking new thanks to this beautiful piece of art. I am so happy I was able to fidn out about this great product! Do not use on your skin though. This can cause some serious harm if put on the skin.




Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Lab Setup: K-McDizzle Edition

As you can see, I have a very focused area where crime fighting will occur.

Not only do I have the motherboard, I added A cartridge case that makes AND holds three bazooka turrets at once. The machine to make the turrets are standing right up behind them,

And to save the best for last, I have a clear view of all the crime and destruction that I need to explain while I sit here.

Rest assured you will be safe while I am around. Try not to tell many people of my where abouts though, its important I be discreet with my discoveries.

Over and out. Mwahaha

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleepbox: Flying Fish Death

This was just ridiculous. I was in my Material Science Class just hanging out of course not even worrying about what was going on in class because I have my handy dandy iPhone to keep me company because that class SUCKS. As the class begins to come in all I notice is mad amount of fish in the air...yea I know. What is wrong with my mind? These fish are swimming around like we are underwater and it is weirding me out because they are coming close to me.

As more students begin to come into the class I continue seeing more and more violent fish that would attack humans if we are underwater. Then, suddenly, I come across a giant squid that is swimming around and notices me. He looks straight at me and attacks me head on. This is when I wake up. So I assume I died.

I think I had this dream because I think Material Science Classes are like squids swimming around snooping for