Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Avatar: The Underlying Controversey

Yesterday, i was able to watch the new movie Avatar in 3D. Before I even got there, I was not in the best mood because my mother and I got in an argument before we got in the theater. So it did not begin on a good note. To add, we arrived a few minutes late and missed the beginning of the movie. So, when we walked in, we were not focused in on the movie. But, eventually the movie caught our attention with pure amazement. All the beautiful creatures, plants, and scenes were a true spectical to see indeed. I seriously was done after I saw the scenery. Now, if you include the characters and storyline, that was complete icing on the cake.

The characters were picked very well and the love story that came along with the movie sold it for me. If you add in the storyline, pure amazement. With all these aspects that were great, the controversial part was the setup of the movie. It was literally like going back in time and watching Christopher Columbus try and kill off Native Americans so he can take their land. It was literally the same scenario. The only reason why I allowed it was because the ending made everything better. Ill let you see the movie for yourself so I dont give anything away.

The movie went from depressing and racist in a sense to uplifting and controversial. Although this movie would be considered a sci-fi/action type of movie, I can see this movie being used to teach younger people about the ways of life and how to overcome tough times and prove to others what you are worthy of in this world. I left the movie theater uplifted in a sense like I can do whatever I want regardless of the downs I get in return.

My Opinion: Go see the movie and be uplifted in a way you wouldnt have thought of. Keep an open mind and remember its simply a movie.

Over and out.

In The Sleepbox: Pledgee

So, this come around I am in my sleepbox trying to get a good vibe of dreams going on and I awaken in my ex-girlfriend's apartment. For some reason, it is just her and I just hanging out. All of a sudden I get a phone call. On the phone, Trey Songz...??? Yea I was thinking the same exact thing. So I am on this call with him and I am confused as to why this guy just called me. For some background of my ex-GF, she is in a Carribean Fraternity and Sorority. The first of its kind.

On this phone call, Trey Songz begins asking me weirds questions, like "So how long have you been interested?" "What year did I graduate from college?" "What was my major in college?" I am just thinking to myself, what????? Why is this guy asking me random questions about himself? Interest? Interest of what??? Did you even go to college????

Then I look at my ex in confusion because I tell her Trey Songz is on the phone and she starts grinning and I am just thinking you cannot be serious. I am not interested in joining a fraternity and my ex has gotten Trey Songz to call me about joining? Is he even in the fraternity?? I woke up after my ex girlfriend began grinning at me. So I woke up with complete confusion.

Then, out of no where I am coaching with Joe Pa during a football game. The big issue with this is I am not even watching the game!!

I dont even know how to take that dream. Maybe someone else understands and can explain it to me.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Moral Monday: Suicide

Recently in local news, a man around my age, about 24, jumped to his grave from a bridge. To be exact, he landed on the roof of another restaurant. That is something I never want to witness god forbid. My heart goes out to the family for their loss and I wont use his name in anyway out of respect for him and the family because the news decided they want to gobble up the story and use it to up their reviews. But, the reason I want to talk about this is because of how selfish an act of suicide really is. Keep in mind, this is how I feel about suicide and if you feel I am wrong in the way I am thinking please tell me because my whole point of this blog is to learn from others through what I know already.

To commit suicide, in my opinion, is like killing off a piece of everyone's heart that has grown to love you. You are taking away 9 pounds of love she WILLINGLY chose to lug around in her belly. You are taking away something your family shares so much love and memories with (good or bad). You are taking away a legacy of the family. You are taking away you.

As you grow up and mature, one realizes that your existence is because of another human being, biological or not. As a baby, you cannot do anything for yourself. You must be fed, cleaned, given attention, etc. As you grow up, you begin to gain your independence (I hope) and want to find yourself in whatever way that is. Along the way, you meet people very similiar and very different to you. The people you meet grow to hate or love you. Through these people, bonds are also made. As you progress through life, you will come across more and more people that may influence you or vice versa. It is through these people where selfishness is made from an act of suicide.

Think about this, some people walk through this world never knowing what it is like to be loved or show love because of their previous experiences. Others are UNWILLINGLY killed before they even have a chance to experience the world. Even more individuals walk life in very unfortunate circumstances where they live day to day just to find food to stay alive. So, to hear someone decided to take their life saddens AND angers me at the same time. In all seriousness, if they didnt want the life they had anymore, give it to somebody who would actually cherish it. Give it to someone who it might benefit the most.

Life is a gift in itself. Having the ability to live a life and do with it what you please is something beautiful and many people take this exact thing for granted. Dont get me wrong, I have friends who have/are gone/going through depression and its something they must live with. But the point I want to make is they are living with it, trying to not let it bring them down to a point like that because they know how beautiful life is. They understand the opportunities they have and what they can do with those opportunities. They also know how their loved ones would feel if they were to commit an act like that. This is why an act of suicide saddens but angers me because the person who committed the act completely forgot who it could affect, why they are important in life, and what they have to live for. But, if you forgot all of that maybe you should evaluate the situation you are in so you can remember who you are leaving if you leave this world by your actions.

Moral: Suicide is avoidable. Remember where you come from, where you are going, who you would be leaving, and why you are needed in their life

Sunday, December 27, 2009

In the Sleepbox: Murda!

This was a pretty interesting dream I had the other day. I think it might have been the fact I accidently took a pill and had a drink or two so who knows. Anyway, I fal asleep like any other time and I wake up in a dream where I am with my design group for a class I was taking. I think we were putting together a live model of an assignment we had to complete. I dont really know why because all we had to do was make a 3-D model of our project which so happened to be a gun. One of my groupmates begins putting the gun together and while he is doing it, threatens to kill me!

At first, I thought he was kidding and then he starts pointing it at me and I start freaking out hardcore. I immediately run out of the room and blockade myself into another room. I turn to find out as I am in the room, the other people in my group are down to kill me as well. I am completely freaking out right now in order to find something to blockade the door because I have no clue where this is coming from. Shortly after, I wake up.

I think I had this dream because I feel as though I did not contribute to the group as much as I could have or was asked to and it just bothered me in some way. I really think this is a wild way to show me I felt bad or had an issue with it but I guess it had to be this way.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Year Anniversary!

Today is my one year anniversary with my MacBook Pro 2.53Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 4 Gb of memory, 320 Gb of Hard Drive, and a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 Graphics card. Baller status if I say so myself. I gave my old computer two years before I gave it away in working condition so I actually expected two more years out of that baby. So I am expecting at least four more years out of this beauty before if decides to shut down on me all together. I appreciate the good time and I will never forget!

Setback Saturday: Teaching Stuff

Is it so hard to know when you are a good or a bad teacher? Seriously, if I am paying tons of money to get a degree so I can continue with my life and career, can I at least have teachers who actually care a bit about the students they serve? My mother is a teacher and she is one teacher I can honestly say cares for her students. Through think and thin, she is still there to give incite and teach no matter what happens.

I just wish the money I am giving was the level of teaching I received back. That's all I am saying. Sheesh.

Setback: Understand this world is all about how much money you can get, not how much money you give out can get you in return.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thoughts on Blogging

I really enjoy having the opportunity to speak out on a public site that is my own about issues I really have about the world. I really enjoy mixing my blog up wit funny stuff (Sleepbox) with more deep things (Solo Dolos, Uprising, SideBar). I just want to let out as much things as possible about myself and about things I have learned in life even though I have not been on this earth for very long.

If there is a topic you guys are interested in discussing that is a serious matter in your opinion let me know. PLEASE I beg of you. I urge for more things to write about/blog about, spill knowledge about. I dont want to write about dumb things because that simply hurts our society more if someone reads it. I want to write with a PURPOSE. This blog is for a PURPOSE, not just to be a blog.

Again, thank you for your time and have a great day of new toys and love and family. Merry Christmas again.

Christmas Catch!

Just got myself a new catch for christmas! Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol." I am already excited to read it because I know it will open up my thoughts to things about this world I wouldn't have thought of alone. I will keep you posted throughout.

Happy Holidays Everyone

Spend this time with your family and rememeber why they are family in the first place. You may have your differences every now and then but always know family is who you can count on when you need it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

In the Sleepbox: One Night Stand Mishap

DISCLAIMER: This is all a dream

So I travelled over to a friend's apartment to hang out as well as study for an exam we had coming up. When I get over there, its late and parties have already erupted all over the apartment complex. In my journey of avoiding the drunken plague I come across her apartment and venture in. Her roommates are also there so we end up hanging out and doing more talking than studying. As the night gets later and later, I get ready to leave but realize I live entirely too far away to get home so I ask if I can spend the night at their place since they had an extra couch and everything. They all agreed but one of her roommates offered her bed instead...Me being a guy, my first reaction is why not? I am not thinking that something may happen between me and her roommate but at the same thing it lingers in the back of my mind. As I enter the room, I see a girl sleeping in the room on the floor. She awakens as we enter and I notice it just so happens to be a high school friend I havent seen since we graduated. It was easily one of the most random experiences I ever had in a dream.

When she wakes up, she says hi and leaves. And right when she leaves and closes the door behind her, I wake up never knowing exactly what was about to occur that night. So in reality, is that considered a one night stand even if I didnt see it happen but the girl was giving me obvious signs such as flirting with me during the night and then offering me into her bed? I will never know will I. Hmmmm

I think this dream simply meant I was in need of attention possibly? Or intimacy from someone new? Dreams are amazing and that is why I want to let people know about mine!

SideBar: Forgetting Dreams

I really hate forgetting dreams that were amazing. I woke up today with a really crazy dream to talk about and before I could write it down, I feel back asleep. This angers me greatly! I love remembering the dreams I had because they hold so much meaning behind what my inner thoughts speak about me. OK I am done with my rant on my sleepbox anger. I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve and stay safe!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the Sleepbox: Spock

This was by far the craziest dream I had in awhile. I dont know what I was on to have a dream like this but it happened. I dreamed I was on the space ship used in Star Trek and I was a recent recruit. I had the full suit on looking like the nerdiest space trooper out there. All I remember is suddenly in between training, a massive rave party broke out. My close friends show up and its a straight rave. Next thing I notice, the part is filled with all girls other than my friends and I. What I was not so happy about was the quality of women around me were not very par I say, but we still had a good time....kinda. After a decent amount of time I remember hearing a noise and going into a serious trance where I had no idea what was going on and all I could do was stare at a light coming from out of the wall and put my right hand up and do the spock sign while reciting gibberish I dont remember. Easily the craziest dream I ever had.

SideBar: You Hungry?

Things like this bother me very much. I am about to go out and have a good time back home. I went to a main area where a large majority of bars and clubs reside to have a good time. Of course, wherever you go you are bound to see a bum or crackhead pop out at some point in time to cause issue. As I walk to a bar with one of my friends, we pass a supposable bum sitting on a ledge by a restaurant. I say supposable bum because this guy didnt have grummy clothes on. It seemed like he sat there just to chill but decided to bring out a cup and sit it in front of him to hope for the best. As we pass, I am assuming he sees a person eating something delicious. He yells out "Hey bruh, you gon' eat that?" As I heard this I could not believe what I heard. How do you ask someone for food like that? I could not get over that? I dont think he realized how bad he actually looked doing that.

Whats makes me giggle about homeless people in general is the fact about why they are homeless. People will give them money to start over and get a move on with their life but they will take the money and go to the cornerstore to buy a forty. Or they will go to a drug dealer and buy some drugs. I never understand people when I see them give money like that because it is never worth it. When you think about it, how hard is it really to survive in the United States? In reality, if you stick to the normal job and normal life, it is not very hard.

I heard of a "homeless person" in a suburb close to my home make over a thousand dollars a day simply by holding a sign that says he is homeless. What is funny is that the guy doesnt even look homeless in any way shape or form. In fact, he easily drives to that spot on a daily basis and sits back and relaxs while money is reeled in. People like that anger me greatly.

SideBar: Stop giving money to people who will not benefit you or themself in any way shape or form.

Moral Monday: Views = Goals

I was having this discussion with a friend of mine about how people decide the type of life they choose to live because of what they have grown to experience. Since everyone’s life experiences are different, it makes sense to want to pursue different goals in life. I used myself as an example. All my life, I wanted to be either an engineer or an architect. My reasons from this were because I want to provide for my family, I enjoy having things I want, and money is good to have. Now crossing this with my views on life in general, I noticed some interesting things happening. I feel that you must live your life as crazy but as safe as possible. Party hard but know when to stop. I must always make prime decisions when dealing with big events. I cant stand individuals who don’t know what they want in life because I know exactly what I want. Opportunities missed are another person’s gain, So with that said, I try not to miss an opportunity unless I am unreal nervous about the situation.

I also believe technology is key. Without constant change in technology, what else is there to look forward to. Nothing else changes, people don’t change in terms of the type you meet. Clothes dont change, they just keep getting smaller and tighter. Drama certainly does not change in the least bit, always the same stuff. So with that said, technology is the key to changing the way we live in this day and age.

Coming with being an engineer comes weight in terms of money. Being an engineer puts you in a position requiring great responsibility in terms of ethics and projects that can spend great quantities of money. In turn, having great responsibility includes benefits financially with this. It is nice to know as an engineer, one can be financially stable if they please. Also, money does not bring happiness but it can bring other things to you that may bring some happiness. Although having money brings stability in this day and age, it will still continue to be the root of all evil.

Lastly, I also feel that technology is fun to mess around with. I am a nerdy individual so technology is always a commodity with my life. Unfortunately, there are individuals who do not see eye to eye with my views.

Now, my friend on the other hand is a Rehabilitation Services major. This individual grew up in a very different way than I ever will experience growing up. Through their experiences, they have grown to believe in family always being first even when done wrong. They believe people should have someone who would be willing to help them out or talk to them when needed, hence the rehab major. Also, this comes from having people close to them that may have needed help in this type of way. From all of this, this person has a need to want to help other. I am not saying I do not want to help others. I was just put in a position where I have been provoked to the point of wanting to really assist other in that fashion. Keep in mind, I did want to study psychology because the human brain and the way people act really interest me but I realized engineering was more of an interest.

From this, I conclude that the views of individuals truly equate to the goals people go for in life. Everyone’s life is different so everyone’s goal will never be exactly the same. This keeps everyone unique and allows everyone to benefit this world with this skills they have attained from their experiences. This is why having a society with people who have know soul or uniqueness would never suffice. In order to progress in anything, one must experience struggle.

Moral: Live by what you have live and believe, not by what you see.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Moral Monday: Kendal

This is coming from occurrences that happen to me over and over again like birds travelling south every winter.
My name is Kendal.

My name is kendal. Not kendel. Not kendell. Not Kendall. Not kendle. Not kendl. Not kendll. And certainly not kenda. What is so hard about
spelling my name? I just don't understand it. Are people that unnoticable about detail that they can't see it ends in "al" and
nothing else? What really annoys me is when this happens when my name is being shown on the screen they type on. For example, an email has my name at the top and bottom of the screen written very clearly. How are you still unable to type my name correctly after seeing both of these?! To add to this example I see you daily. How is it so hard to simply make sure you are spelling it right before you send it out. This clearly shows how much you really cared to look at detail before you sent anything out. Unbelievable.

Moral: When in doubt, look at the signature

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mac Communism?

Is mac starting s communism? Do you think that thy are getting too
big? Let's begin with the iPhone. I currently own an ipone. I love it
but I also know that I am supporting a company that is trying to take
over the world. Recently, the only known compettion that mac has made
their debut and is called android. The android is a great piece of
work. I will give it that. It is sleek, big LED screen to look at,
keyboard selection, and good apps that go along with it. I really
enjoy the multiple keyboard selection though. I feel like they will
get many people to commit with that option.

The largest issue I saw was the battery life. Unfortunately, the
makers of the android motorola brand did not think of how much battery
life is taken away when simple stuff is being used. For example, a
user could be simply using the text messaging program but have
facebook, Twitter, myspace, and every other social networking program
in the background working without anybody even knowing. Although this
is occuring in the background energy is still being used to push info
to and from these background programs. This, in effect, will bring
your battery life down faster than David beat Goliath.

Now, to say a tid bit about the iPhone, it's great. I like that apps
close when you are not using them because that stops the certain
program from bringing the energy down even faster. The only thing I
did not like was getting used to the touch keyboard. I am surprised I
was able to inally get used to this. I can now type much faster then I
could on my blackberry and I am very happy about it. It just takes a
bit of time. Other than that, the apps are great and ou can't beat
them. I just wish there was a better way to find apps that fit the
life you live in. Thats my only downfall.

I know I kinda went on a tanger but I wanted to talk about one aspect
of the mac takeover and how there needs to be better competition. I
hope this helps.

Moral: get an iPhone and know what you support or divert to other ways

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Extreme Dolo

Like I said in a previous post, anything man-made cannot be perfect. Nobody was made perfect, so for something perfect to come from a man, not God, in my eyes holds flaws.

From watching documentaries about life and how certain things happen in life without fully being understood, I have grown to question many things most people wouldn’t even think of questioning. It is not that I don’t believe or want to believe what is coming from it. I just want to know how much outer influence swayed the thoughts of the writer. Did the government at that time pay the writer to write that? Did someone very wealthy buy off an organization to take over a group of people? Was 9/11 a conspiracy or an actual, un-staged, disaster? These are questions I hold deep in mind. I question anything I see that could have been “swayed” without people even knowing it and I will continue to write about this because I want to know how other people feel about them. So please, by all means, give me your thoughts!!!!

I also want others to understand that life isn’t just black and white. It isn’t about knowing what is the newest CD out to buy, or the newest reality show to watch, or what is the newest style. It is important to understand what materialistic things do to people and how they completely divert attention away from underlying problems that should be more important than watching a show. For example, how American education is slowly getting worse and worse by the years.

So keep me in mind when you come across some interesting things that deal with how people in high positions try to dumb nations down by occupying their minds with unimportant things. Keep me posted!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gone and Back

yea guys it seems I have been inactive for a minute. School has been eating me alive. Exams, projects, more exams, and homework on the side. I want to start this over and have some legit things to talk about on this blog so I will have some more additions and people to add to this thing other than me. So stay tuned!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Exams and Chaos

Did I seriously just hear about colleges beginning to not look at the SATs anymore?! You mean to tell me the main reason why I couldn't get into an IV league school is now slowly beginning to go away as if it was never placed there as a requirement to begin with?? I am stunned! I am overly stunned. I remember being in high school and taking one of those Kaplan courses just so I could do better on the SATs because I thought the SAT was a clear cut example of college. But in reality, it isn't. If you ask the maker of the SAT why he made it, he will tell you he made it so individuals could be tested on the SAT, not on whether they would do good in school or not... That is completely insane to me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the college I attend. I wouldn't change school for anything. This school has definitely prepared me for life indeed (I sound like an advertisement). I just don't understand the purpose of exams in general. An exam, in reality, is a test to see how much you can hold in your brain for a short amount of time. It doesn't necessarily make you learn anything, it is just placed there to have a reason for taking a class I swear. From working at different companies and talking to people, they all tell me how if they forget something, they simply open a book and look for it. They don't test there self and and see how much they know at a random time in the year. If anything, exams should be taken out of all curriculum, and be replaced with research studies. Yes that's right research studies.

Think about it. When you do a research study, you have to gather information on a certain topic. Not only do you have to use calculations and determine things on the side, you are legitimately teaching yourself something you wouldn't normally learn or want to learn about. I remember I did a research study on how to supply a village in Africa (Cameroon to be more exact) with clean hot water by using solar power since there is not a good source of electric power in the area. I swear if you asked me any question from that study, I can tell you exactly how we came to it. Unfortunately, we were not able to gather enough funds to implement the design we made. I feel like if a person can relate to what they are doing more, it stays in their mind longer.

Moral bar: Out with tests....In with research!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Death- The Common Theme

As a young scholar walking through life, few times this actually crosses my mind or, a matter of fact, a lot of other young people. Death is, has to be, the #1 most common occurrence in life. To walk around everyday and know your days on this world as we know it can end at any moment in time is quite scary. Not knowing what happens to you afterwards is even scarier. Of course, religion gives us an idea of what is going to happen but in all honestly how do you actually know that will occur without experiencing it yourself? Yes, there is such a thing as fate and trust in a being greater than any man or woman living on this earth. I am not trying to go against any type of religious standpoint in any way shape or form, I just want to know the truth. I just want to hear it from someone of that lifetime rather than reading about it in a book that was written by a man, not of higher intelligence, not out of this world, but born into this world like you and me. This is simply an example I am using. I have full belief there is a god, I just want to learn from him/her and not a book of writings written by other men.

I just wish I knew I was living a good life so I know the one I look up to would be happy I am trying to do what I can to make this earth a better place before my time is done. Put my mark in as many people as I can so they can see what it is like to have a heart and not be fake to people. I sit here wishing everyone could see what I see. But I know this will never happen because everyone is different with different views of the world.

So with that said, I am going to try and go to sleep and continue hoping the best to see the world we live in make a change with the times!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enjoy your Sunday

I wish everyone a good sunday. Go to church, take a load off, make the best out of your day and continue to thrive as a person and be thankful to be alive for another day! Thanks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In The Sleepbox: Predator

Since I do not have any worthwhile dreams to talk about recently, I think I will start this new stardom of mine talking about my most memorable dream as a kid. So, in case you scare easy or hate scary movies, I just want to warn you that this is a SCARY topic.

My most feared kid scary movie was Predator. I literally couldn't even sit through the whole movie without turning it off for a little bit or fast forwarding to a better spot. A few nights after watching the movie for the first time, I had this dream where I was literally put in the middle of a swamp/wet lands. The area was entirely too dark for me to see more than 3 feet in front of me. As I began walking around trying to realize where I am I hear a SCREECHING sound that travelled up and down my spine as though I was literally tickled with a blade. Since this sound was in front of me, I proceeded to turn around and run as fast as I can without caring what it could have been. As I began picking up speed, the beast you see above you revealed himself and began chasing me wildly. I frantically started running like I never ran before! After a short time of being chased, I saw a house in the distance that looked dark, gloomy, and unoccupied. Before I could even attempt to break for the house, the ugly beast grabbed my legs and threw me on the ground like a rag doll. It roared like a wild beast, sharpened his blade, and was about to begin his ruthless beating of a 7 year old when…I woke up out of the Sleep Box. That was by far one of the most memorable dreams I ever had.

Moral of the Story: Learn to run faster.

The Roots and the Uprising

When I was living on the east side of PA near Philly, my friends came to visit during the week to check out The Roots in concert. Me, not so big on The Roots, wanted to tag along because it was out of the norm of everyday working life. Although I knew I had to wake up early to go to work, I figured this is a once in a lifetime type of experience and I wanted to take it. As we entered the arena of this music guru’s lair, I realized that these guys were amazing! Their demeanor of playing pure, real, free speech music really caught my attention. Although this was most likely a much smaller venue than they were used to, they were so into their own performance. You could really tell they love what they do no matter what type of money is coming through at the moment. As my friends got in the mood and began jamming away, I noticed an attractive girl walk behind me and ask the bouncer near the bar a question. As I was not trying to hear the conversation at all, she had the audacity to scream it in the guy’s ear so everyone close by could look at her with complete confusion. She walks up to the bouncer, and asks him, “HEY!! I just got here. When are the Roots getting on to perform?!” The bouncer replies, “This is them…” “Oh…” the girl replies back.

In two letters, one syllable, one conversation, this girl went from attractive and approachable to the vermin of the music world. I could not believe, still cannot believe, she came to a concert completely naïve to what she was about to watch. Although she may have came with her boyfriend, she was very alone at that point in time which gave her no credibility to even be there, or try to zoom in to the magnificent display of music everyone was seeing. In complete disgust, I had to write this down somewhere because it bothered me so much to see someone pay a ticket, if she even paid, to see a music phenom they had no idea about! I may not have listened to their music but I at least knew what they looked like before I went.

Moral of the story: Research before you proceed and commit.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Would you open the door?

Today, as I wait for the bus to proceed with my journey with life, I was struck into a situation that took awhile to sink in. I am looking for a bus station that was recently moved from the city’s mall to a random spot behind a bank and in front of a hardware store. In my quest to search for this bus stop I realized I didn’t actually know where it was. The last time I was dropped off from school at this stop, I had to GUIDE the bus driver to the bank so I could get off because he had no idea where he was.

So, since I knew the bank just recently closed, I decided to knock on the door and see if they would simply answer my question of where could this mysterious bus stop be? When I did so, I got looks of dread and displeasure by the workers. One began shaking their head, and the other was trying to understand what I was trying to say. After a few seconds, I realized this was a dead end. Eventually, they had to leave and I figured out, after I walked a safe distance away, what I wanted. As I walked back to the car, my mother sat with me for a bit and told me, “Its probably because you were black…” Now, from that statement, you might think “Yea your right. RACISM!” But no, consider this.

Obviously, it’s a bank. LOL. If I worked at a bank and saw a large black male dressed in some sketchy clothes trying to get me to open the door, I probably wouldn’t. The individuals I tried to talking to were a middle-aged African American woman and a young white female. No surprise at all. But, the thing I am getting at with this is…Will they open the door for YOU??

My task for you is, if your willing, go to a store right after it closes. It does not have to be a bank. Realize your gender and the color of your skin before you do and how you are dressed. Ask them a simple question like, “Hey, I have no idea where I am, would you happen to know where [fill in the blank] is?” See if they will actually open the door to tell you. I am very interested to see how out of the ordinary this could go. Consider this a research study of mine. Game on.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

In the Sleepbox

This is a new weekly post I am going to start up simply talking about some reckless dream I have that may have some unreal meaning behind it! I hope you as readers enjoy it! This will vary until I get enough material to have a legit post on the normal!

Friday, October 2, 2009


It all began when I was a kid. As a child, you are shown things and never really sure as to why or how they occur. You are left to yourself to understand because in life you must learn how to do this on an everday basis without mom or dad (if they are even around) to be there for you to guide you. Ever since I can remember, I felt like I was different. I noticed that I think differently than most individuals, I carried myself differently than many, and I allowed the many experiences in my life to mold me into a person mature enough to understand that life is more than materialistic things, money, and the Swine Flu! I was never the type to hang out with my "friends from school." When I say friends, you can correct me by saying associates because that is more so what they were. People knew who I was but they didn't get me. The black kids would call me a sellout because I wanted to strive for more in life and the white kids thought of me as a sellout to my culture because I wanted to a future. With a school of mainly white and black students, I didnt really have anywhere to go for some good comfort. In this effect, I was left to fend for myself. Once the bell rang to leave school, I became a Solo Dolo (as upcoming artist Kid Cudi uses in his music).
"Anything man-made is flawed in some type of way simply because the being that makes it is not perfect either." - Madubuike
A Solo Dolo is a term originating from the New York Area that symbolizes someone who is a solo, able bodied, thought provoking, one-man team kind of person. Some of them are druggies, some are renegades, and some go with the flow. Since there are many definitions to this term, I would like to make one that suits me. In my definition, when you see this individual, he is not with friends, but with himself. He feels that if people provoke him, he is at fault. Having the ability to think for yourself and open your mind to things most people wouldn't even think of is what he is all about. He also craves to better himself in a way that doesnt meet the standards of his nation, but of himself.

For now call me SpeedRacer and I come to you wanting to unravel my mind on "The Uprising" many don't see when they walk outside, or go to work, or learn in college, or even watch television. So please stay tuned because I want to learn from other as well as have others learn from me!