Monday, December 26, 2011

Moral Monday: Being On One

It feels good. It feels nice. It comes on a sudden burst of energy that people may not understand when it happens. The feeling of being on one.
To some, this is simply a feeling of cockiness that forms after years of being on the top. For others, like myself, the ability simply comes from evaluating the life you are living and how you choose to live by looking past the negative and appreciating all the positive in your life. I am thankful to be able to have learned how to look at the top side of things rather than worrying about how a past action has hurt me because I feel as though you grow more when you can clear your mind of negativity and simply live as happy as you can. Being On One isn't a statement but more so a way of life.

Think about it, as a black man, do you think it is attractive to stand on the corner selling drugs and seriously say you are Being On One when in reality you are making less than minimum wage? (Divide the amount you make in a day by the amount of time you spent making that money and see what the number is) Do you think Being On One is chasing the guys that look good and drive the nice cars when in reality they are using those nice cars good looks to find the girls that will chase them so they dont have to do any work and get all the play? (Yes, I am trying to say those type of guys do not believe in sticking with one sex partner) Do you think living in the limelight is a statement of power or corruption? (Yes, I am saying that not everyone in the limelight deserves to be there from the actions that got them there) Being On One is an impact within itself.

The Movement of Being On One:

Believe In Yourself
Never trust in anyone else to believe in you. You must instill in yourself something others cannot find for you. Yes, you may need help in your journey to discovering belief within yourself but it is OK to do so. There is no wrong in getting help through others. Just dont expect others to find your beliefs. You must ALWAYS find your own beliefs. No true believer found belief through others, it came from within like spirit and pride or thought and action.

Stay True to Your Self
If you dont think you are wrong. You are not wrong. If you aren't comfortable with doing certain things. Dont do it. Never be swayed by others unless you are staying true to yourself. Although this is easier said than done, life is built upon influence from others around you. Being influenced by others comes parallel with staying true. Be influenced by things that are a part of yourself. Dont be influenced by things that dont relate to you because that will simply drag you down an unaware alleyway asking for a crackhead to mug you and leave you for dead.

Do the Right Thing
Right or Wrong. Black or White. Good or Bad. Love or Hate. This is pretty self explanatory. If you dont know what it feels like to do the right thing and how it feels to do the right thing let me know so I can keep you in my prayers.

Never Back Down
Bullies are set in life to test your strength. Users and abusers are put in life to test your strength within yourself. People down others to test their strength. If you allow another man or woman to let you become belittled by them you deserved it. We are ALL on the same spectrum. We have all been made from the same plan. The only difference is the mission in each plan. Nothing can be considered more powerful unless they found the ability to become more powerful than my maker. And from what I understand, I dont think our maker would be dumb enough to make something of his creation that could potentially take his throne. It wouldnt make sense for one to do so because if the maker needed to change something, it might actually be hard. Never back down unless you are staring in the essence of your maker. Everything else is irrelevant objects that try and replicate his essence when in reality it can never be reproduced.

Know Thyself
If you dont love yourself, how can you love others? If you never experienced yourself angry, how do you know how to handle it? If you were never happy, how do you know what tru happiness means? Think about this. Not everyone experiences what it means to experience something in its greatest form until they experience it so if you have been able to see yourself at its extreme, thank your maker for giving you that opportunity because not all have done so.

Respect/Love Your Maker
They say the good die young. Everything happens for a reason. Nobody has a plan for life other than our maker. Praise its essence. Worship its greatness because some will see it or never see it at all. The only way to know you will see it is if you can honestly say you have lived in its shadow of Trueness. Im not saying go to church every Sunday. Im not saying forgive yourself for all the bad you have done. All I am saying is if you died today, could you say to yourself you lived true to yourself and your maker?

Longevity Yourself
Pretty Obvious. Eat Right. Do everything in Proportion. Never over consume. Never over indulge.

Never Forget
Forgive everyone. Forgive yourself. Never forget what they did because they will do it again if you forget. The saying goes "You hurt me once, shame on you. You hurt me twice, shame on me."

Continue to Learn Through Yourself and Others Around You
Never stop learning. Life is a lesson. To reach the end of life with a good mindset, never stop learning. Never stop observing. Never stop teaching the predecessors. Never stop giving back. Never stop helping. Never stop thanking. never stop producing. never stop working. Never stop stay True.

Moral Word: Legit

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whacky Wednesday: The Prancers, Pidgin Tippy Toers, Stiltworkers, Booty Levelers, and Swagga Daggas

Alright ladies and gentlemen, the time is now to visualize and realize who can and cannot wear high heels. I am sick of going out to parties, extravagent events, concerts, clubs, and anywhere that "non-heelers" reside. Non-heelers simply referring to the individuals who ATTEMPT to wear heels out to parties but fail due to their lack in ability to wear the heels all night, look good when they wear the heels, choose the wrong size of heel to wear due to their height, maybe thought the line into the club wasnt going to be as big as it was, or whatever else, the list goes but definitely all of the above! I will gladly categorize these individuals down below in my very own lovely way of pointing them out the next time you see them.

Have you ever watched horses in a march or festival prancing around like they are the stuff? It looks really cool right? They trot flipping their hooves like the cockiest creatures on the planet while flexing their muscles with complete and utter ease as though they already know why people want to ride them around. Even better, people put nice little horse shoes on them with ribbons, flowers, wreaths, anything that will make these beautiful animals look more beautiful. They are fun to ride but never get them angry, they will surely throw you off, or kick you, or even screw you over if you give them the chance, seriously. The act of these creatures and their prancing is a marvelous site and I guess people love it enough to try and mimick it whenever they decide to come off as though they are the cockiest creatures to ever walk the planet of the earth.

The women that decide to prance in heels must think their muscles and assets are too good to display without looking like complete fools by shifting their hips and weight above their legs as though they are literally trying to prance like horse gracefully do. The issue with this is... women do not look attractive prancing. The prancers walk with their heads up high but their 'hooves' clicking like they are attempting to win a tap dancing competition. Ladies, if this reminds you of your disabilities in heels, please sell all your heels to horses so they and try them on and show you how to work it in the sexy.

Pidging Tippy Toers
Do you watch ballet? Have you ever noticed how great ballet dancers have the amazing ability to tippy toe on their feet faster than most people can shift their feet? These acts are meant to be displayed on a stage, not on a Saturday night outside of Club Rub from a female trying to run, at least she looks like she is trying to run, into the club. I get worried because it almost looks as though she is about to faceplant on each step.These women most likely end up in walkers by the time they are 35 from the denial of not being able to walk correctly in pumps. Wait a minute... arent pumps for strippers anyway? I think this may be where the problem lies. Ladies, its not about the height of the heel you can stand in, its all about the swagger in the woman that can pull off a high heel. Like professional sports, it is not meant for everybody to go hard in the paint. I am sorry to say it.

Booty Levelers
Alright now, I am going to ask you all a question. This question applies to all races, shapes, colors, ideas, genders, ages, and yes, even babies. You may see them walking from a distance... they look as though the weight in their hips are literally making them dance as they walk. As they get closer, you realize, its a woman. You realize this woman may unknowingly cause her rear end to crash into you like an asteroid hitting earth and launch you into the future. Its ok though, this wont happen. If your lucky, you may walk by without thinking, "Whoa..." Most people have to take a second look to understand what they have just witnessed. Most people wonder if they could have that power with their body when they walk by people. Others forget it even happened and move on with their lives. All in all, the weight shifting of these women causes their glutes to get much attention to the natives from its presence. Although these Booty Levelers cause attention with their actions, they dont have that spark. What spark do I speak of you ask? The aura of a womanizer. The breath of an ice queen. The look of a black panther ready to pounce on anything that gets in their way. Who has these features you ask? Keep reading and you may find out.

Swagga Daggas
Need I say more. Since I feel you read enough. Enjoy pictures of beautiful women that know how to strut their stuff with attitude and praise when they need to without looking like a fool and filling a room with their swag....SWAG! I would have been more... umm... diverse with my findings but this is all I found in the last 15 minutes. Enjoy.

Complete stability. Flawless pleasure in the pain of it all. A hint of confidence.

If you  can balance on one leg like this, please let me know. It does not and should not go unnoticed. Swagger.

Alright, yes its Jennifer Aniston. That's not the point. Do you see the aura? Do you not feel the swag in this picture? Do you not get sucked in by her confidence, beauty, booty leveling swagger?

Wild Thought: If the shoe fits, wear it. If the heel hurts, spare it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is this Life?

I am told by many that life is what you make of it. Life is something worth holding value to preserve. Life is nothing to "F" with. What happens when life doesn't go the way you expected? What happens when life brings people in and out your life faster than you can even understand or make sense of. What happens when you forget your reason to continue living life? Do you start living someone else's dream? Does your viewpoint on life stay the same?

Some of you may read this and think "this guy must be contemplating suicide." Ha! That is far from the case. I am simply trying to open my audience's mind. Nothing is ever what it seems and people who don't try to apply their brain to realizing that life is ever-changing will not last for long. The key to a positive drama existence is to take what you get everyday and learn from it. If you don't know how to grow from life, do you indeed grow up with the age of your body or do you stay in that teenager adolescence stage until you realize it doesn't work being that way when you are over 40? You make the call. I am just hear to let you know what it means to live life and continue growing physically AND mentally.

-- Pay It 4Ward

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moral Monday: I am from the White Side

Do you want to know where I am from? Do you want to know why I am the way I am? Do you really want to know? Like seriously... O.K. cool I just had to make sure.

I am from the White Side. I am from an area that splits the place you live by the color of your skin. It is a thing to know if you are from the area. Outsiders would not know unless informed by the locals. You go to an area and notice that a majority of a certain group of people live within it. You walk a mile down the street and notice that another group of people encompass the area as though it is not big deal. To analyze this makes no sense because when someone goes to choose a house or a place to live, you would think it would deal with the house, if the neighbors are nice, and whatever else they prefer. All people do this of course but in different ways. It seems the people in my area find it more important to be around more of "their own" than actually live where they may actually want to live. Why is this? Can anyone really pinpoint why this is?

Its pretty simple. Race. Are you surprised? Does this surprise you? Is putting the race card in this wrong? gtfoh. Yea I abbreviated that. Race is the reason why I am looked down upon before I even talk. Race is the reason why I walk in a store and I am automatically pinpointed as a suspect to steal. Race is a reason why people choose not to date outside of their race whether they want to or not. throughout my life. Race is a reason why people give me the confused looked when I tell them I am an engineering major. I have experienced things other people would never experience simply because of the color of my skin. And people have the nerve to ask me about why I am the way I am. I am the way I am because of my environment. I am from the White Side. What does that mean do you ask?

As I said before, I grew up in an area that is culturally split because of the color of one's skin. I live on the side of the street that is not the color of my own. I am from the White Side. On this side, I learned that racism is a real thing by the age of 7 years old by my next door neighbor. By the age of 13, I realized race affects who you can even choose to like because if I was to date a white girl I would be seen as a sellout. At the age of 15, I began noticing the change in the color of people in my high school classes going from a mixture of all races to simply white. At this same age, I was introduced to the word "Oreo" and how I am one because I look black but I act white... What the hell does that even mean? I hope you sense my anger and annoyance from that one single word. By the age of 16 years old, the only way I kept up in the black population was from being on the football team. At this very age, I began being called a sellout by my own race because I wanted to do something the average black male in this society doesn't do, and that is become an engineer. Do you know what it feels like to not have a "side?" Seriously, stop thinking about yourself for once and have an out of body experience. Picture yourself as a 6 foot 2 inch, 225 pound black male that is handsome, big, dark skinned, decently muscular, little body fat, smart educated 23 year old. Walk down a predominantly white neighborhood in your head where they probably have never seen a black person in flesh before and tell me what you think will happen. Do you think they wont give a damn? Do you think they will call the cops? Do you think they will come outside to take a picture since they never seen one before? Do you think they will assume every stereotype of you and not even think to get to know how you really are? If you answered all those questions in your head with the demeanor of what would actually happen, I congratulate you. If you seriously had to sit there and nitpick how every which one of those situations COULD go with every scenario with simply saying in your head the first thing that came to your mind, you are clearly trying to find an answer that is not logical.

I do not have a side. I grew up without having a side. I don't know what it is like to be fully engulfed in any community of a single race because I never experienced that. I don't know what it feels like to feel warmth from your own kind on a large scale. All I know is, in whatever group of people I choose to be apart of, I will always be from the White Side.

Moral: Try to look deeper than skin. All skin does is cover what is inside trying to get out and show their self, not the other way around.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Moral Monday: Keeping Highed Up

As I sit in my room today, I listen to my roommate as he speaks to his girlfriend on the phone. They are having a deep discussion about something on facebook that someone posted. There was a posting of a black man that was being held upon by police officers for some reason. People were making a big deal about it because he had a baby in his hands while this was occurring. The guy was obviously using the baby as a shield to stop the cops from throwing him on the ground. This story is besides the point though.

I was just thinking of how life is and the way the world works and I just realized how distractions are causing us the become stupified. A good example of this is facebook. "OMG, did you see what such-and-such put on facebook. It was so rude." "Why did she unfriend me? I didnt deserve that. I am hurt." "Yo I have more friends than you on facebook so you suck!"

We are being sucked into the false high. Hear me out. Distractions are anything that causes the human population to forget about the life they live and have a life on a digital atmosphere. The idea passes time but takes us away from the things we should really be focusing on. Family. Friends. Love. Life.

Our family is the connections we have in life. They can be your biggest ally and decept you at the same time.The thing to know about family is appreciating the family aspect of a family instead of the faults. Every family is dysfunctional in some type of way so deal with it and stay high about the people you cherish close.

Moral: Stay Highed Up

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Kendy Kronicals: Just Another in the Litter

As an old Chevy Blazer crawls up to the farm, a short haired, brown spotted pup notices and is curious to see why someone has decided to travel to a distance on a random fall afternoon. It comes to notice that she, in fact, was the concern for the day. As she was picked up and carried into this foreign automobile, she couldn’t help but show fear and confusion as to why she was the one to leave her fellow stray dogs behind. As the drive to another place continued yonder, she couldn’t help but feel more and more as though her life was about to change dramatically. Good or bad, it was her decision to see what these new people had in store for her and whether she was going to like it or run away the first chance she got. After making it to her destination, the new people began calling her Lexus as though it was her name all along. Time and time again, she questioned what the purpose of these new people were in her life, why they were here, why they chose her as an addition to the family. But then, one day, all of this became clear to her why she was with these people. She was more than just apart of the litter with these people. She wasn’t another dog looking for a home with these people. She was, from what she could understand, Lexus.

Her purpose was to make an unknowingly deep impact in a group of people’s lives that will never be forgotten. When times were good, she was there to experience the fun and laughter with her new family. When times were rough, she became the object of attention to break the negativity. When nothing was going on, she would nudge somebody to take her outside so she can see what’s going on out there. Sure enough, in the beginning, the outside was her love. If any trespasser stepped foot on her lawn, she made sure they knew who’s land it was with brute force and aggressiveness. For some, she would lay off easy. For others, she never seemed to find a medium with them, even if shown they mean no harm. Her strategy of aggressiveness was as simple as a chess match. When a pawn was moved closer to her faction, she always had to send the Queen to do her bidding, no matter what happened. All in all, it was out of pure love for her family. She never had a bad taste for anyone in the family unless she thought something was purely out of hand. In that moment, she let her side known to everyone how she felt. Although her way of talking was not theirs, everyone understood. A few years down the road, the family began splitting up in a sense. During this time, Lexus didn’t know what to do with herself because she didn’t understand.

The family she came to know and understand was leaving her she thought. Through the years, their visits were at times far and few in between, but never a problem with her. Jealousy always came into play when dealing with her older brother, but the jealous never overpowered the bond they shared. They came to terms with understanding each other’s ways entirely too well through all the time they spent together dealing with each other. Although she hated to always see her brother come and go, she didn’t mind having all of the attention when it was just her and mom. From what was once a question of faith in having a dog grew to a question of faith whether one could live without a companion like Lexus. In the years of her brother leaving and father visiting every so often, a companionship was deeply grained within the remaining couple. From what would seem as annoyance at times was merely obvious love and envy for one another.

Lexus was always the type to lead than follow. This was something that was triggered from within her soul. But, when it came to her mother, she knew following was the only way to understand. As the years continued, it became normal to see mother walking around and hear the pitter patter of feet behind her. Lexus was a wonderer and made it clear with everything she did. There are some dogs you can honestly say have no smarts, but not Lexus at all. To say how many times Lexus outsmarted her family would turn this blurb into a bestselling novel. Her father favored Lexus greatly. Everytime he came over, her face would fill with joy and her tail would wag like nothing before. She always knew when Dad would come, fun was bound to follow. Lexus always found the most joy when everyone was together again. It was how a family should be and she understood that as she got older.

The most important key is understanding that her family did not just see her as just another dog in the litter. She is and will always be Lexus. By far, the most unique dog you could ever meet. If you were unfortunate to experience Lexus’ territorial disputes, or signs of being spoiled, or uncanning ability to get away with entirely too much, I feel sorry for you. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this blurb about a dog that will never die in the hearts that she has touched.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Sleepbox: Up in Smoke

So I fell asleep the other day and I awaken on my porch. I am sitting outside looking at my dog doing her business on the lawn and a friend of my pops out of nowhere....literally. We sit and chat for a bit about life and things going on in both of our lives that have taken up a ton of our time and efforts. For some reason, this dreams ends in both of us taking a smoke of good old fashioned tobacco. Why?? I dont know. I dont enjoy smoking cigarettes so I dont get it. I have been trying to figure out what this dream meant but I have no clue at all. So I thought I would share

Monday, March 21, 2011

Moral Monday: I Salute You!

So I have been thinking about this awhile and have not been sure how to talk about this subject without possibly growing some animosity somewhere. The military comes off as being a sensitive topic to some. We have the"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thing going on right now. Vets talk about how they were done wrongfully after Vietnam. We have current war going on because of people high up wanting more money it seems. Instead of focusing on the aftermath and intro to wars and money and drama of that nature, lets talk about the people's experiences that served this country with their lives.

I have always wondered, as a civilian, how much information soldiers get when sent over to certain places. I know they are given info on their mission, their objectives (there HAS to be objectives), underestimation of how long they will be on tour with this (yep, underestimation), maybe a victory cigar? Alright, this is just to start things off. But seriously, my biggest thought when thinking about military actions taking place and troops being sent over to a country they may not know much about is simply, were they really told why they are being sent to a dangerous area to risk their lives?

President George W. Bush sent troops overseas to fight the war on fight the war on terror. I want to know what they were actually told. "Alright maggots, we will be heading over to the Middle East to fight back in this war on terror! Terror has stricken our country with more terror after more terror and I want to keep expressing that there is a war on TERROR so you know there is a war on terror!" guys think I am trying to make a joke but I really want to know what they were told to think that they were serving a reasonable purpose for putting their lives in dangers. Now, the war on terror seems to be most notably known as the war on oil. Innocent parent's babies being sent over to fight a war because people wanted more power (money). Who wudda thunk it?!

Now, we have real disasters in the world occurring, New Orleans, Haiti, Africa (People forget about this continent overall), and now Japan. It is good to see troops sent over to assist in these issues because this deals with the lives of people surviving. I don't recall the last time I had a bowl of Oil Krunch for breakfast. To top that, Libya isn't exactly in the best condition right now and I can see, from what they are telling us, why troops would begin being sent over to that deathtrap.

I simply bring this up to hopefully spark some one's attention into understanding the position soldiers put themselves into and how many individuals don't really think about how valuable they are to have stepped to the challenge of serving their country no matter how fraudulent they see the government. From talking to friends who are in military services, the common thing I have noticed from speaking with soldiers is that they serve their country for the people that fill the country, not for the government it stands for. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Moral: The next time you see someone suited up in army/navy/marine gear, bow your head because they deserve your utmost respect no matter what they look like or have actually done to contribute to you being alive and living well.

The Update: Showtime

Alright so school always seems to find a way into my blogging love. So I am ADDING a show to my already set in stone shows:

Moral Monday: You already know about this show. You want to learn a life moral. Stay tuned to it.

Setback Saturday: Things that set you back in life. Things that cause you dilemma from getting where you want to be.

The Kendy Kronicals: This can be anything that deals with being a B.O.S.S. Now dont get too excited, you wont hear anything juicy enough to stop me from getting a job so keep that in mind. Ranges can deal with new music, the love life, trips, family, and friends. Pretty much, the positives of life. I am always talking about something that will set you back, or a life lesson that was learned from an experience. Why not the good things to look at in life? Stay tuned!



Craziest. Party. Ever. So Jen and I go on this journey that many other journeyers may not have went on during a Saturday Night in cold rainy Pittsburgh. We went to a house party. No big deal you say? What's so reckless about them you say? Well I'll tell you.

Me and my partner in crime drive over to this spot on the west and we park the car, lock up, and make way into the streets of da burgh. We get to the house after being lost for awhile and get to the door. When it opens, the first wiff was a mix of cheetos and drugs of some sorts. I choose a no no to go into detail.

We walk into this plethora of confusion with utter dillusion as to what we just walked into. Jen didnt know this girl from ANYWHERE. They met randomly, obvious this isnt the whole truth, but it kinda is. We explore her row house with amazement with the people and music that was playing. It was really out there but nice at the same time. We decided to cozy down in the area of where drugplay was occurring. After a few drinks people wanted to play Kings and ask reckless questions. A girl asked a metro guy at the table who in the room of both sexes would he smang/bang/smash. He chooses a girl in the room and the guy he chooses just happened to be me. After this occurred, I found out from somewhere this dude is actually gay. I have no problem with gay guys, its just that I was just hit on by one and that is NOT. I guess it was part of the game but I honestly would not have answered that question if that was me. I mean seriously. Like, cmon. Over and out and back again.

Eat me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Setback Saturday: Controversy Kills the Cat

Have you ever just sat back and thought about why we as people are different. Of all the personalities, or sexual orientations, or nationalities, or mental conditions, or height, weight, lefty, righty, large boobs small boobs, fetish fiend, or whatever else you can think about that makes us different than one another, it all boils down to race being the biggest issue of them all.

Let's play a game. I am a white female on about to get on a public transit bus. The area this bus services can be a college campus with a very low crime rate.She didnt want to stand on the bus because her heels were making her feet hurt. The female notices that all seats are filled except a seat by a really hairy guy that looks like he just snorted 8 to 12 lines with pit stains or a cleaned up intelligent looking black guy that is easily on a journey of epic proportions that DONT involve getting your attention in any type of way or worse try and rape you... the female, clearly affected by media decides the best fit for her safety would be to sit next to the hairy coke head. Now, what is wrong with this picture? Spelling it out for you would be telling you what you already know so Im not doing it.

A man walks into a gas station on his trip to Las Vegas from Dallas. He stops in a small town to fill up on gas and take a potty break. When he enters the station, the guy behind the clerk immediately tells him he is not permitted in his store. When the man asks why, the guy tells him that he doesnt want get blown up. Can you guess the ethnicity of this person? I know I can.

So seriously, why does the color of one's skin tell a story about someone before you even knew anything about them? How did this thing of race become one of the most controversial things in life for everyone, and directed toward minorities more than anything else! If I ever find a solution to get people to shut UP about them having a bad experience with a black person, or a serious disagreement with some girl from china, or felt used by the columbian guy they just had sex with, realize that all because ANOTHER person is the same color doesn't mean they think the same!

Setback: Lets take a triple-jump this time, the leap to getting rid of stupidity seemed to make things worse.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Setback Saturday: Existence

Has anyone ever sat down and seriously thought about the idea of being alive? Seriously, I'm not going crazy I am just speaking my mind. Lol. The idea that EVERYONE in the world is different in some way. How crazy is that?! Billions of people, different sizes, colors, textures, body types, features, hair, feet, hands, innies, outties, male/female genitalia, it is rediculous. And the biggest thing is that everyone has a soul, a lifestyle, a different way they see life through what they experience while being alive on this land we call earth in a solar system with no other form of contact to anything else in this dimensia. I think its insane.

I am simply saying this stuff because I was thinking one day of what it means to be a part of society as a person and then I began to think about what it means to be alive. Some people say being alive is having sex, or making use of yourself, or connecting with your spirit, or yadda yadda yadda. The thing about it is when you really think about what it means to have an existence like we have and live the life as we know it without knowing how exactly all of this came to be to begin with, you begin to realize how thankful you should be to have parents that gave up millions of sperm, an egg, 7-10 months, pain and unger of lugging you around, then birthed you into a world that you will experience in your own way with your own thoughts, your own being, I think that is the best gift anybody could give to another person. But that still just makes me wonder how this all came to be. I'm talking about before God, like who made god? Did that being above pop out of thin air and give us the beautiful experience to live on the great one's own? Who knows. Will we ever know? Hmm maybe when the Mayan Calender runs out. Lets see what happens then I guess...

But until then. I thank the highest beings of all beings for allowing me to live. Deuces

Setback: Being depressed makes no sense. If you can't make your own fun other than enjoying thinking of bad thoughts, consider helping yourself out by caring about the life you were given instead of potentially taking it away. Its your life, not the world's.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Late Night Moral Monday: Killing a Part of Yourself

Death is a part of life. Killing is also a part of life.

Life consists of a general flow, yea lets use some engineering words, of a process that gives a person millions of resources to use. In this same process, there is a time when the process is over and nothing happens with that person anymore. What I am trying to say is life is a box of chocolates and once you ate all the chocolate you could, you may realize that this exact chocolate may be the reason why you died. Now, dont jump to the conclusions abou tme and your personal reasons to eat certain food. I love Snickers. They are amazing. The point I am trying to get across is that how do you think it feels to die? Has anyone ever thought about what actually happens to their spirit or how the process turns out? Idk thats besides the real point of this bloop.

I was watching the news some time ago and I realized how the news ultimately never has anything good to say. You watch the news to see what is going on in the world, but most times, you are not being notified of what is actually going down, you are being told stories that are chosen to specifically increase ratings to the station. The topic that is being chosen 85% of the time is murder and drugs. With that said, the crazy reality is that the world is not a negative place as the news makes it seem to be, it is pleasant. But to go back to the murders occurring in the world, has anyone who hasnt killed another human being ever thought about how that really affects someone? Go on think about it, i'll give you a moment. Cool. Alright.

To kill another human being with no remorse is a very unlikely statement. A drug dealer gets mad at one of his clients because he didnt pay his money and they kill him. Is it safe to say that the more you kill, the crazier you get? As the title of this blog says, I believe that killing another human being also kills a part of theirself. Lets think about it in terms of a war situation now. World War II was one of the ugliest wars to happen in this world and it is ashame the amount of people that gave their lives for pride in themselves about an issue they were not fully aware of. After WWII ended, the military came home and their families noticed the dramatic change in their loved one. They came home tired, mentally wounded, lifeless at times, even angry at the world. They were put in a situation that people should be thankful not to experience. To kill a person is like trying to defy the creator himself. If you ever seen the movie "Final Fantasy," remind yourself of the plague of ghosts that romed the world taking human's souls. Picture the process of the souls they would take as a sign of what happens when you kill someone else. Your soul is slowly being taken away and replaced with cold bitterness.

Moral: Death is life. Natural deaths are good too

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Setback Saturday: Is Lying Wrong when Protecting?

Lets think about this people. When you were in elementary school and saw someone being 'bullied,' the teacher pointed you out to ask you, "What happened Kendal? Why does Jeremy have a black eye?" Do you tattle or take a hit and not say a word? I feel liek most people at this age would havent said anything out of the whole "Dont snitch" thing. Yea that is still around for sure. But lets get serious.

Have you ever thought about lying to protect someone from hurting or causing harm? Did you not want to hurt your spouse because you were slightly cheating that one time? Did you mess up a friend's relationship with someone else but didn't want to let it known publicly? Were you wrongfully accused of something but never told who actually did the crime?

I feel as though there is a limit to what one can actually say to people and not worry about what those implications can do. Many people can take things the wrong wayside not fully understand your perspective at times. I feel as though speaking the truth can set you free by being upon unneeded issues at times. People will not always accept what you do for them or like how you deal with situations but it is important o understand how to take these situations and amend to them so you have less drama in your life.

I have secrets just like everyone else. It is obviously my choice to keep these secrets in but sometimes the best thing to do is lock it away an forget about it instead of ponder about how someone may feeling they found out about something you did for them or to them. Although I like to know information about certain things, I also know when to stop and realize if knowing this will actually matter down the road. Did my last girlfriend cheat on me? I don't know. Are my friends my real friends? I dont know. Will we stay friends for awhile? Who knows. Sometimes living in the moment is the best thing to do.

Setback: There is a reason why god put our brains higher than our hearts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

In the Sleepbox: Dreams Galore

The Home dream with people trying to kill me

I had a dream that I was at my home with random people and one of the people didnt like me very well and for some reason I was freaked out that this person was going to shoot me.

The Wilderness dream with Godzilla trying to kill me

I was in the wilderness with a group of people running away from Godzilla. For some reason Godzilla had a personal vendetta on me because when he found us he purposely wanted to kill me first. I was hiding in a bush while everyone else was in the open and he purposely went in the bush to get me out and rip me in two.

Being held up in a multi level restaurant when I had nothing to do with anything

I was hanging out with friends eating and we were waiting in line to get food while someone behind me caused some issues with my friends in front of me. I was trying to stop them from getting into anything deep and, keep in mind they are all girls for some reason, the girl behind me pulls out a gun and everyone starts running. Next thing you knwo she is pointing it at me and I manage to take the gun away to find out she had another gun behind her back...she then saw my camera around my neck and stole it. Great.

WTF is up with these dreams. They all happened in the same night.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moral Monday: If I was a Book

This question is simple and to the point. If I was a book, what kind of book would I be? I know most people would say  "What kind of Super Hero/Star/ Famous Person/ Animal/ Inanimate Object would you be?" You fill in the blank. Books hold much more substance that all of those options above. Why? Well, its a book! Books make your mind wonder, books test your imagination skills, books sharpen your intellect as a person because it makes you think! Now, tell me which one of those options above do that? Yea, didn't think so.

The Cover

If I was a book, I would look extremely dull. Although well manufactured with top-of-the-line material, thicker pages, hardback, sturdy with a quality leather strap to keep it closed like a fortress, the book would not look appealing to any soul that gave it a first glance. If the Angels and Demons was next to the book, people would probably screech in disapproval on why a book that looks so dull and unwelcoming should be put next to a bestseller. The thing about this book is that it would ALSO be a bestseller. Not gassing. People would be even more confused as to why it is liked by so many people but looks like it won't say anything spectacular in it. It could even get mistaken for a textbook for a class...yea.

The Intro

As you open the book, you are still unsettle in your stomach about how this $50 novel is worth more than 90% of books out and why your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, and best friend are so religious about reading this book over and over again. The intro starts out like any other book, "Such and such and such and such embark on a journey that will test their will as a human being blah blah blah blah blah." Nothing pleasing so far in the intro but then, you see something, something you wouldn't have expected before. Something that opened up a whole can of worms and caused you to not even think of putting the book back on the display with the rest of bestseller books. You found something in this book you have only seen in the elite of books. Purpose. Dynamic. Culture. 'I don't think I can let this book go' you say? I didn't think so. Read on.

The Plot

Every plot has a twist. Most plots keep the turnarounds coming to confuse the reader even more. The plot in this book somehow continues to second guess the reader every chapter. The book is very to the point and has no problem being a real and to the point, no bullshit rundown. Although books cannot be successful without some type of drama, the book handles drama with a "foot in the mouth" feel when dramatic situations occur. The suspense is enough to bring excitement to anyone's day. It is common for people to discuss the book in amazement, "I still don't understand why he did that. Like, I understand but, I still don't get it and it kills me inside!" The discussion is halted with a smirking lad that has to chime  in and say "Just keep reading. your answer will be found eventually if it is at all." The action, at times, can be too much to handle "What is with this guy and girls?! Where does he find these people?" The will of the reader is truly tested by the ups and downs of the book. It is common for a reader to take some time off from reading the book due to an overload of so much happening at once. All in all, when the book is finished, the reader feels satisfied and in a sense like they learned a life altering lesson about journeys, trips and travels (If you think about it, all of these mean different things). Most readers cannot place exactly what the motive of the book is until they are three quarters of the way through it. Even then, confusion is still in the forefront when the climax hits.

The Climax

The most exciting part of the book. The big turnaround. The thing that gets the reader to finish the damn book! The climax in this book would be more like beauty in the eye of the beholder. Everybody is a critic and everyone has their own viewpoints, meaning not everyone will enjoy the big turnaround of the big. But of course, the point is not for them to fully enjoy it, the key is understanding it and justifying it in their mind. Once this occurs, people act like they just saw zeitgeist or something. Their thoughts on the book and the way they perceived it completely changes, the way they may see their life may change, the way things happen in life may be taken differently. They are going to want to finish the book whether it takes three days of no sleep or a few hours. It's kinda like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that its there and near, but also knowing it is still a decent distance away and still wanting to finish without any breaks in between...maybe to sip on some wine or something. The climax is when 95% of questions are answered to the reader. Although the majority of answers are now of access to them in their mind, the big questions still stay unanswered until the end of the book.

The Resolution

The book ends on a positive note. Not on some happily ever after stuff but in a light that shines toward motivation and accomplishment rather than gloominess and dismay. The reader finishes the book and immediately begins a letter to the author on how they felt about reading it, etc. etc.

My thought of me being a book came from me thinking of how I see myself and how I evaluate myself as a person from social interaction and my own thoughts. The majority of the things I described come from other people and how they saw me initially, currently, and where they see me going. A book is something many don't see as of importance anymore because of the youth being sucked into the media and such. Hopefully this is a book that can change something like that when given the chance. But until then, this blog will be my outward calling.

Moral: Give your brain judgement and thought. Media can only do so much to give you intellect. I don't think watching "The Matrix" will give you much thought into reality. You might learn something you didn't know before or you might learn something about yourself if you expand your mind.