Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Moral: Digital Miscommunication

Have you ever been on the phone using text messages and decide that you want to joke with somebody by insulting them in a jokingly manner. In your mind, you take this as a moment where they will clearyl see that you are joking with them instead of take you seriously. Unfortunately, due to chemistry, for some reason they think you are SERIOUS and they decide to go on a tangent causing them to flip on ou for something as small as saying

"Hey, you remember last week when you got drunk and made out with that chick that looked like she had herpes....hahahaha it was so funnny." "Dude, stfu that was not funny at all. You are so not cool for bringing that up!" "....It was a joke...."
I cannot stand it enough when this happens on the phone. One minute your conversation is carefree, then all of a sudden.....hell has broken loose. Please...people EVERYWHERE. Take Messages Carefree!!!!!

Wednesday Moral: Text messages are an act of love in itself. Be happy you arent face to face with the person and leave it at that!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Savior, A Titan, A Short Lived Uplifter: Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK was a great man. This things he did to change this nation, the people he has influenced, and the future he created through his actions as a leader hold dear to many people's hearts. I have a great amount of respect for this individual because I would definitely not be in the position I am today. Of course, eventually down the road another character like MLK would have came up and found justice. But, what is important is that MLK was strong enough to take on his role as a leader and lead a nation of forced immigrants to a better way of life. If he was still around today, that would definitely be somebody I would want to meet and speak with. I would really like to get to know the true him and not what media and other forms of history display him as because I enjoy making my own judgements about people without having a bias with it. Of course of course, judgments are not good because they should only be left for the true being upstairs. But in reality, who doesnt judge each other?

Indirectly and directly, it happens without us knowing. For example, you see a bum walking down the street, whats the first thing that comes to your mind? Exactly, the fact something comes to mind when you see a bum is you directly/indirectly judging the bum. You dont mean to do it but it just happens. If somebody sees a bum walking down the street asking for change and thinks nothing of it I have pure love for you and I would like YOU to teach me how you do that.

But all in all, I cannot thank this man enough for leading what he did. I am currently getting a very beneficial education at a university I probably would not have been able to attend it previous events did not occur (MLK, JFK, Affirmative Action, Brown Vs. Board of Education, etc.). All of these occurences are what gave me the path of enlightenment I have today and I cannot thank them enough for it. I can never thank god for putting people in this earth that were able to make drastic change in the way they were able to.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Setback Saturday: Unmarried Black Women

This is an article I came across on the web. I think it is very controversial in terms of the black men in the United States and what they offer to black women. Obviously, there is a draught of "good" black men. Am I happy about this? Obviously not. Do I wish I could change this? I can try to. I honestly do feel as though many black women have standards that are high because of what men in this country do. Think about it. Women want a man who will take charge, who is handsome, has a future, a career, can make them laugh, can be a good lover, a good listener, doesnt carry baggage, and all of the above. But in all seriousness, there are men that do fit these requirements from women. The problem is there is more of an abundance outside of the black race. The change needs to happen by having more "brothers" who fit these assets.

I dont believe in what Steve Harvey says in the video about black women wanting too much out of a black man. I believe they want what other women get out of a guy. All of the above. A woman shouldnt have to dumb down their standards because black men havent been able to get with the times and past all the depression and slavery as fast as black women have been able to. Yea that was probably a ruthless statement but its true. More black women are doing Uplifting things for themselves than their black male counterparts. I am simply stating reality. If you cant take what I say or think I am wrong about what I say, please Enlighten me.

If we were to change this, the first thing would be to stop all contraband against black men. Everytime the TV is turned on to news, a black man is on their doing a crime. Why is that? I dont know why the guy was so dumb to do the crime but when you think about it, all races in this society commit crime. But its the black man that gets put on display like he is the most evil doer ever... When people growing up see these images of how black men are displayed, it does not help their mindset at all. It underlyingly puts a negative aura in their mind believe it or not. Proof is that a person's personality is made 70% from his enviornment and 30% from his/herself. So keep in mind, the news is your enviornment just as much as the guy on your block selling coke to little kids. Everything corralates to a result so rememeber to take in what you see and consider the implications it has on you as a person.

Of course the obvious change as well are to bring more guidance to black males. Statistically, many black males grow up without a father figure in their life to look up to. Although some have the ability to overcome this, many do not. Being that father figure in a man's life is one of the most important things anybody can do. It truly saves lives and hardships. Now, with that said, I will leave this open for discussion.

Setback: Stop using a crutch as a setback and make something better happen in your life. Dont settle for less.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SideBar: Wait, What?

"I didnt say your mom was hot, I just said I wanted to hang out with her."
That was by far the strangest sentence I ever heard. I was working a Penn State football game one week. I dont remember what game it was but as we were hanging around during a downtime because nobody was around, this group of guys and girls walks by. And right as they walk by, one of the guys blirts this sentence out. Now, at the time nobody knew how to take and just paused because he said it pretty loud. Then, after he says it, he looks at us because we were in vicinity an says "Yea thats right I said it!" At that point everybody lost their mind because it was easily the wildest most random thing to hear when you are working a merchandise stand. Like all work stopped for a good 10 minutes to understand why he had to say that at that very moment in time.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the Sleepbox: Ex BFF and 1st Cousins

OK, so in my dream I decided around noon I wanted to go to Mad Mex for some reason. I think I wanted to fill out some paperwork for an order or something. From Mad Mex? I dont understand either. So when I walk in, I see my god aunt and my two first cousins from Mississippi. Whats weird is my god aunt doesn nto know my first cousins at all. Two different areas completely. So when I walk in, they look up and point at me when I walk in. I havent seen my cousins in awhile so I was excited but I told them I was going to be right back in a minute because I had to do something really quick. By the time I finished what I was doing, my cousins and this god aunt I havent talked to in years are about to leave. Whats confusing is why are they all together? And this random attractive lady shows up when they leave and leaves with them. Who was that?

My cousins barely said any words to me. All they said was Hi and that they miss me. Like, in the dream I felt like I did something wrong and I dont know why. Maybe it sbecause I feel guilty that I am not as close to them as I want to be. They live thousands of miles away and it is hard for me to find times to talk to them because we are all busy living our lives and trying to get through college as well as get jobs. So, I dont know how to take this dream either because I was really hurt after it happened. I remember waking up screaming my cousin's names because they were driving away and not letting me talk to them. Intense.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring 2010

It is now my 8th semester at The Pennsylvania State University. For most people and majors, this would be their last majors. For me, not in hell. This is the first semester I did not want to come back. Like at all. Not to see college friends, not to see the social life, not to see any work. I just did not want to come back at all. That may sound a bit harsh but the circumstances I place myself in dont make it any better. I will have to at LEAST be here for another semester so it sucks to know the majority of peopel I started school here with will be departing shortly. At least, I hope they are and not staying here. I just thought about talking about this on the blog because I am not in a good mode right now and I need some type of inspiration and relaxation. Relaxation comes from this so this helps a bit but other than that. Yea...naw.

Also, due to recent starting of school, the blogging will be limited once again. I am going to start corralating what I talk about in my Moral Monday and Setback Saturday to deal with school issues, problems I have with the way things go, and of course exams!! I hope you will enjoy this. I will call this season of my blog "The Referendum of Kendal Coates or School: A common occurrence in College Life." I think it will be AMAZING.

Over and out

Moral Monday: Act Like It!

What is really annoying is when you reach out to someone about an issue that is important to you and they shove it in your face like you are dumb for thinking that is cool to talk about. I understand if people do this whenever they arent close to you because I know I do it. But, if if you have a good relationship with someone and they begin to act as though your views dont matter or what you have to say isnt important enough to listen to, that is not right at all. Especially if you listen to them in times when you feel as though what they have to say is meaningless but you still listen because they do the same for you. This just came to my attention recently because people dont know the decency of having some type of sympathy even when they are not in the mood for sympathy.

Treat others as you would want to be treated. I know you wouldnt enjoy if I shut you down every time you had something dumb to say. I know being a friend of mine, I can be very random and strange, but instead of making me feel stupid for being myself could you just ignore me when I do it? I would rather be ignored than feel like a complete idiot. If I had the idiot part coming ok ill take it but honestly, come on. People know when they are being nice and rude and inconsiderate. If you grew up in a typical Americanized household, you had to have that talk at least a few times. Rude people get no where!

Moral: Listen to Yo Momma and Act Right.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Setback Saturday: Chemical Pressure

Is peer pressure something more than just peer pressure? Or is it simply what we see? Its strange how I question about this because it is quite an interesting topic indeed. The way a mind gets swayed is something people should always question. Good girl gone bad. Innocent creature to feared carnivore? Unborn child to behind bars? How do things like this happen? I mean seriously.

I was reading some of Dan Brown's recent book "The Lost Symbol," and it sparked my attention to how thoughts are so powerful. I understand, the book is not speaking of fully true ideals but you look this stuff up and you see ideas and depictions of what he is talking about and it is truly amazing. Thoughts have much more power than you may think. Believing you can complete a task is more than just believing. Truly believing something can go a certain way can change the way the molecules around you react to your body, how your muscles react (obviously), how others see you, etc. In the book, the ability of a large group of people to meditate and think about something unifying can create a drastic change to the properties of the world at that time. A great example they used was thinking of your body and how each organism has a different task, but once unified, it makes you, a true work of art. ART. Unified Art. I think I struck a nerve.

So, back to being pressured by others, say for example you are a group of kids trying to decide how you want to spend the night. Somebody wants to go to the movies, someone else wants to barhop, somebody else really wants to go night. Yea I am a weirdo. If you ever notice in a group of people, the person who feels the strongest about doing something usually prevails...why is that? Is it because they are the most assertive in the group? Is it because they are the biggest and scariest in the group? Or are just a big big baby? Who knows.

By the way, the group of kids earlier went fishing. Yea what a bunch of weirdos at night time. But in other regards, think about what I am saying. Chemical or Spiritual Pressure. A better way to understand what I am talking about is by seeing and understanding the movie Avatar. Everything is connected, even if they dont know they are connected. Any move or thought you take is felt by the world. So if everyone was to unify and think of loving thoughts, what do you think might happen to the earth? Or to something that is focused on?

Studies have shown that good and bad thoughts can cause change to physical things in the world. Crazy right? Google it and check it out. Its pretty interesting stuff. My whole reason for writing this blog is just to help people realize in the world we live in, a simple thought can go a long way if driven strongly enough.

Setback: Think good thoughts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sidebar: Fraudulent People

Dealing with fraudulent people can be one of the most dramatic occurrences someone may face day to day as a living person. You have to deal with them when you go to the storem when you get your car checked out, at the doctor's office, in an executive meeting, at a restaurant, in traffic, on the internet, EVERYWHERE! It is like a plague to this earth and I will be a hypocrit to say this if I didnt admit to being fraudulent myself. Everyone at one point is fraudulent and I will describe the different levels gladly below in order from not as bad to rediculous:

1. The Misdemeanor - This individual is usually a standup person. When they are told to do something, or need to go somewhere, they proceed with stability as to what they are going to do and how they will complete it. It is rare to find this person cooling out while they know something is needed to get done.

IOW: OK. Your good. I can deal.

2. Mr/Ms Topsy Turvy - Now, this is the type of person who is dependant upon what kind of day they are having. If they are having a good day and are in a go lucky mood, you will mostly likely get good responses from them as well as determination to finish tasks, which is amazing. But, when the day isnt going too well for them, do not expect them to spend anytime of the day coming to your demands and needs. They will not budge at all. But usually bad days are few and far in between so its usually nothign to worry about...usually.

IOW: Alright. I hope today is a good day....?

3. The Motivated Loosehead - The Motivated Loosehead is a chameleon. They can either be a floater, joining every organization possible in hopes for setting their mark everywhere, or they could be a one organization individual that has the motivation to run an organization. The problem with this is their drive and determination stops at their motivation. They will take on tasks as though they are completely ready for it and maybe finish half of it before they are going to do anymore of it. They may even go to the point of putting other organizations before the one you are in because deep down you know how they really feel about being apart of certain organizations more than others. In my eyes, if you are going to join something, put 100% into everything you join. Half doing something shows a lot in terms of how you manage yourself as a person and what you are REALLY capable of doing, not what you think you are capable of doing. I understand in some situations, people join fraternities/sororities and have a bigger want to do more things in terms of those organizations but lets think reality here. Those organizations are geared to teach you to do more in the societies you live in. That includes joining other clubs/orgs and performing at 100% because not only do you represent yourself when you go for an executive position, you represent the org indirectly and if people see that you as a person are frauding, assumptions on the frat/soror may be put there as well.

IOW: Get over yourself, nobody is superman.

4. The Mean Well - They mean well all the time. They want to do this, and this, and that, and maybe even that, but at the end of the day, nothing ever gets done. What gets worse is they will lie in order to make themselves look good even though in reality everybody knows they are lying and didnt do anything at all. The worst thing they do is offer to complete a task and last minute back out as though it is OK for them to do so. Holy crap! Are you serious? Did you really just do that? No. You will do what you said you would do to begin with. You have an exam to take? What exam? No response. I am finished with you. The Mean Wells will also boast themselves up whenever they can about tasks they did even though the task they did was not that serious. They also feel as though they have an equal say about anything discussed in a meeting...No. What you say means nothing to me because you do NOTHING at all. If you did a few things every now and then I wouldnt care but you do NOTHING. You always say you want to help out and do things but you never really do. You seem to just bring anger and hatred to yourself for being a Mean Well.

Also, what looks really bad for Mean Wells is when Misdemeanors takes the position they previously had and blows them out the water with the ideas and additions they add. It makes them look very dumb and horrible as a person. The worst idea they could have is posting their free time in a public place so everyone can see because when people notice they are free at certain times and dont actually do anything, they will get trashed.

The worst beyond worst Mean Wells are the individuals that try to talk their way out of any situation. Eventually one day, these smooth talkers will get burned and when they do, it will be a deep and utter disappointing time. Proof of this, a Mean Well I know was interning at a company last summer. Halfway through the summer, he was fired. Why you say? I dont actually knwo the reason why but I am 100% sure his fraudulence was shown because they didnt know how to do anything at all. All through college, this individual has had the opportunity to, lie and cheat his way to the top in terms of grades. But, from what I have learned from that situation is that althought you do this, your true colors will be shown when you are given the lime light.

IOW: Get out of my face. You are a walking target of hatred and disapproval if I ever seen one.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In The Sleepbox: Stillers!

This was another interesting dream I just recently had. I fell asleep with the TV on and when I go into a deep sleep with the TV on I usually dream about what is on the television. I dreamed that I was coaching a football game and for some reason the Steelers were playing the Steelers...? And the strange thing was that Joey Porter was back on the team. Or so I thought. Because at one point in timethe Steelers switched from the Steelers to the Dolphins. It was interesting. And then Joey Porter started flipping over Steeler players! He is a big dude, I could see him doing this in real life. Thats probably why I saw it in a dream. Other than that, that is all I remember from the dream. It was a crazy dream indeed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Moral Monday: Black Women

This makes completely no sense to me. I feel like it is a diss against african roots to wear horse hair in your hair because you are self conscious of what white counterparts think because your hair is so short. Or because long hair is always betrayed as beautiful in loreal commercial or garnier commercials or herbal essences commercial. Long thick shiny silky hair. You never see anyone in a commercial with short hair and showing how beautiful it actually is. Or you never see many individuals who keep their hair the way they were born with it. Curly and beautifully puffed. Why. I don't understand it myself. I
never get why it is done. The whole process of keeping the fake hair maintained is rediculous in all itself. Why must it be something of the norm. I want to go somewhere that people of African descent are happy with what they got and show it well. It is important to be happy with what you have and not with what you don't have. Weave has been around even before generations I even heard of were established. I just don't understand why some feel it is important to have uncomfortable itchy hair on their head to make themselves blend in more with the white counterparts (even if they are not trying to purposely do so) that have flowing hair that is always favored as long decently thick straight hair. Curls are not a good look. Why? I don't have the slightest Idea in my mind.

Moral: Why?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Setback Saturday: Prostitution

I turned the television on today and started watching a documentary
about prositution. I feel in myself I wanted to feel moved in a type
of way by this. Because the women they were taking the documentary
about just so happened to be around my age. As I watched I began to
see how the struggles they faced as a child going through adolescance
has caused them to feel as though a lifestyle like this is ok to have.

What's even crazier is the stories they have on how they got into the
life. A girl just explained how she was an orphan and when she turned
16 she ran away from home and went to the big apple for a dream not
ever knowing pimps and hoes were actually real. And a 40 year old man
scooped her up like it was a normal thing. 40 YEARS OLD. I can't
believe this. Things like this I will never understand. What I can
understand is why the girls stay knowing there is somethig better in
life than prostitution. But when you think about it, they never knew
anything better. And it's sad to see they never had someone in their
life to show them a true path. Things like this is what makes me
thankful for what I have, what I am doing and where I am going. What
is great to see is that they want to change. They want to have a life
that is more stable and that is something great to see.

Setback: Again, be thankful for what you have in life in terms of
being guided in a life of prosperity and great knowledge. Never stop