Monday, November 30, 2009

Moral Monday: Kendal

This is coming from occurrences that happen to me over and over again like birds travelling south every winter.
My name is Kendal.

My name is kendal. Not kendel. Not kendell. Not Kendall. Not kendle. Not kendl. Not kendll. And certainly not kenda. What is so hard about
spelling my name? I just don't understand it. Are people that unnoticable about detail that they can't see it ends in "al" and
nothing else? What really annoys me is when this happens when my name is being shown on the screen they type on. For example, an email has my name at the top and bottom of the screen written very clearly. How are you still unable to type my name correctly after seeing both of these?! To add to this example I see you daily. How is it so hard to simply make sure you are spelling it right before you send it out. This clearly shows how much you really cared to look at detail before you sent anything out. Unbelievable.

Moral: When in doubt, look at the signature

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mac Communism?

Is mac starting s communism? Do you think that thy are getting too
big? Let's begin with the iPhone. I currently own an ipone. I love it
but I also know that I am supporting a company that is trying to take
over the world. Recently, the only known compettion that mac has made
their debut and is called android. The android is a great piece of
work. I will give it that. It is sleek, big LED screen to look at,
keyboard selection, and good apps that go along with it. I really
enjoy the multiple keyboard selection though. I feel like they will
get many people to commit with that option.

The largest issue I saw was the battery life. Unfortunately, the
makers of the android motorola brand did not think of how much battery
life is taken away when simple stuff is being used. For example, a
user could be simply using the text messaging program but have
facebook, Twitter, myspace, and every other social networking program
in the background working without anybody even knowing. Although this
is occuring in the background energy is still being used to push info
to and from these background programs. This, in effect, will bring
your battery life down faster than David beat Goliath.

Now, to say a tid bit about the iPhone, it's great. I like that apps
close when you are not using them because that stops the certain
program from bringing the energy down even faster. The only thing I
did not like was getting used to the touch keyboard. I am surprised I
was able to inally get used to this. I can now type much faster then I
could on my blackberry and I am very happy about it. It just takes a
bit of time. Other than that, the apps are great and ou can't beat
them. I just wish there was a better way to find apps that fit the
life you live in. Thats my only downfall.

I know I kinda went on a tanger but I wanted to talk about one aspect
of the mac takeover and how there needs to be better competition. I
hope this helps.

Moral: get an iPhone and know what you support or divert to other ways

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Extreme Dolo

Like I said in a previous post, anything man-made cannot be perfect. Nobody was made perfect, so for something perfect to come from a man, not God, in my eyes holds flaws.

From watching documentaries about life and how certain things happen in life without fully being understood, I have grown to question many things most people wouldn’t even think of questioning. It is not that I don’t believe or want to believe what is coming from it. I just want to know how much outer influence swayed the thoughts of the writer. Did the government at that time pay the writer to write that? Did someone very wealthy buy off an organization to take over a group of people? Was 9/11 a conspiracy or an actual, un-staged, disaster? These are questions I hold deep in mind. I question anything I see that could have been “swayed” without people even knowing it and I will continue to write about this because I want to know how other people feel about them. So please, by all means, give me your thoughts!!!!

I also want others to understand that life isn’t just black and white. It isn’t about knowing what is the newest CD out to buy, or the newest reality show to watch, or what is the newest style. It is important to understand what materialistic things do to people and how they completely divert attention away from underlying problems that should be more important than watching a show. For example, how American education is slowly getting worse and worse by the years.

So keep me in mind when you come across some interesting things that deal with how people in high positions try to dumb nations down by occupying their minds with unimportant things. Keep me posted!