Monday, May 23, 2011

Moral Monday: Keeping Highed Up

As I sit in my room today, I listen to my roommate as he speaks to his girlfriend on the phone. They are having a deep discussion about something on facebook that someone posted. There was a posting of a black man that was being held upon by police officers for some reason. People were making a big deal about it because he had a baby in his hands while this was occurring. The guy was obviously using the baby as a shield to stop the cops from throwing him on the ground. This story is besides the point though.

I was just thinking of how life is and the way the world works and I just realized how distractions are causing us the become stupified. A good example of this is facebook. "OMG, did you see what such-and-such put on facebook. It was so rude." "Why did she unfriend me? I didnt deserve that. I am hurt." "Yo I have more friends than you on facebook so you suck!"

We are being sucked into the false high. Hear me out. Distractions are anything that causes the human population to forget about the life they live and have a life on a digital atmosphere. The idea passes time but takes us away from the things we should really be focusing on. Family. Friends. Love. Life.

Our family is the connections we have in life. They can be your biggest ally and decept you at the same time.The thing to know about family is appreciating the family aspect of a family instead of the faults. Every family is dysfunctional in some type of way so deal with it and stay high about the people you cherish close.

Moral: Stay Highed Up

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