Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Kendy Kronicals: Just Another in the Litter

As an old Chevy Blazer crawls up to the farm, a short haired, brown spotted pup notices and is curious to see why someone has decided to travel to a distance on a random fall afternoon. It comes to notice that she, in fact, was the concern for the day. As she was picked up and carried into this foreign automobile, she couldn’t help but show fear and confusion as to why she was the one to leave her fellow stray dogs behind. As the drive to another place continued yonder, she couldn’t help but feel more and more as though her life was about to change dramatically. Good or bad, it was her decision to see what these new people had in store for her and whether she was going to like it or run away the first chance she got. After making it to her destination, the new people began calling her Lexus as though it was her name all along. Time and time again, she questioned what the purpose of these new people were in her life, why they were here, why they chose her as an addition to the family. But then, one day, all of this became clear to her why she was with these people. She was more than just apart of the litter with these people. She wasn’t another dog looking for a home with these people. She was, from what she could understand, Lexus.

Her purpose was to make an unknowingly deep impact in a group of people’s lives that will never be forgotten. When times were good, she was there to experience the fun and laughter with her new family. When times were rough, she became the object of attention to break the negativity. When nothing was going on, she would nudge somebody to take her outside so she can see what’s going on out there. Sure enough, in the beginning, the outside was her love. If any trespasser stepped foot on her lawn, she made sure they knew who’s land it was with brute force and aggressiveness. For some, she would lay off easy. For others, she never seemed to find a medium with them, even if shown they mean no harm. Her strategy of aggressiveness was as simple as a chess match. When a pawn was moved closer to her faction, she always had to send the Queen to do her bidding, no matter what happened. All in all, it was out of pure love for her family. She never had a bad taste for anyone in the family unless she thought something was purely out of hand. In that moment, she let her side known to everyone how she felt. Although her way of talking was not theirs, everyone understood. A few years down the road, the family began splitting up in a sense. During this time, Lexus didn’t know what to do with herself because she didn’t understand.

The family she came to know and understand was leaving her she thought. Through the years, their visits were at times far and few in between, but never a problem with her. Jealousy always came into play when dealing with her older brother, but the jealous never overpowered the bond they shared. They came to terms with understanding each other’s ways entirely too well through all the time they spent together dealing with each other. Although she hated to always see her brother come and go, she didn’t mind having all of the attention when it was just her and mom. From what was once a question of faith in having a dog grew to a question of faith whether one could live without a companion like Lexus. In the years of her brother leaving and father visiting every so often, a companionship was deeply grained within the remaining couple. From what would seem as annoyance at times was merely obvious love and envy for one another.

Lexus was always the type to lead than follow. This was something that was triggered from within her soul. But, when it came to her mother, she knew following was the only way to understand. As the years continued, it became normal to see mother walking around and hear the pitter patter of feet behind her. Lexus was a wonderer and made it clear with everything she did. There are some dogs you can honestly say have no smarts, but not Lexus at all. To say how many times Lexus outsmarted her family would turn this blurb into a bestselling novel. Her father favored Lexus greatly. Everytime he came over, her face would fill with joy and her tail would wag like nothing before. She always knew when Dad would come, fun was bound to follow. Lexus always found the most joy when everyone was together again. It was how a family should be and she understood that as she got older.

The most important key is understanding that her family did not just see her as just another dog in the litter. She is and will always be Lexus. By far, the most unique dog you could ever meet. If you were unfortunate to experience Lexus’ territorial disputes, or signs of being spoiled, or uncanning ability to get away with entirely too much, I feel sorry for you. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this blurb about a dog that will never die in the hearts that she has touched.


Dorothy said...

i miss lexus everyday, really i do.... she will always live within my

moonlover14 said... eyes watered reading this. I wish I would have known her. =/