Sunday, November 1, 2009

Extreme Dolo

Like I said in a previous post, anything man-made cannot be perfect. Nobody was made perfect, so for something perfect to come from a man, not God, in my eyes holds flaws.

From watching documentaries about life and how certain things happen in life without fully being understood, I have grown to question many things most people wouldn’t even think of questioning. It is not that I don’t believe or want to believe what is coming from it. I just want to know how much outer influence swayed the thoughts of the writer. Did the government at that time pay the writer to write that? Did someone very wealthy buy off an organization to take over a group of people? Was 9/11 a conspiracy or an actual, un-staged, disaster? These are questions I hold deep in mind. I question anything I see that could have been “swayed” without people even knowing it and I will continue to write about this because I want to know how other people feel about them. So please, by all means, give me your thoughts!!!!

I also want others to understand that life isn’t just black and white. It isn’t about knowing what is the newest CD out to buy, or the newest reality show to watch, or what is the newest style. It is important to understand what materialistic things do to people and how they completely divert attention away from underlying problems that should be more important than watching a show. For example, how American education is slowly getting worse and worse by the years.

So keep me in mind when you come across some interesting things that deal with how people in high positions try to dumb nations down by occupying their minds with unimportant things. Keep me posted!

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