Monday, November 30, 2009

Moral Monday: Kendal

This is coming from occurrences that happen to me over and over again like birds travelling south every winter.
My name is Kendal.

My name is kendal. Not kendel. Not kendell. Not Kendall. Not kendle. Not kendl. Not kendll. And certainly not kenda. What is so hard about
spelling my name? I just don't understand it. Are people that unnoticable about detail that they can't see it ends in "al" and
nothing else? What really annoys me is when this happens when my name is being shown on the screen they type on. For example, an email has my name at the top and bottom of the screen written very clearly. How are you still unable to type my name correctly after seeing both of these?! To add to this example I see you daily. How is it so hard to simply make sure you are spelling it right before you send it out. This clearly shows how much you really cared to look at detail before you sent anything out. Unbelievable.

Moral: When in doubt, look at the signature

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