Friday, October 2, 2009


It all began when I was a kid. As a child, you are shown things and never really sure as to why or how they occur. You are left to yourself to understand because in life you must learn how to do this on an everday basis without mom or dad (if they are even around) to be there for you to guide you. Ever since I can remember, I felt like I was different. I noticed that I think differently than most individuals, I carried myself differently than many, and I allowed the many experiences in my life to mold me into a person mature enough to understand that life is more than materialistic things, money, and the Swine Flu! I was never the type to hang out with my "friends from school." When I say friends, you can correct me by saying associates because that is more so what they were. People knew who I was but they didn't get me. The black kids would call me a sellout because I wanted to strive for more in life and the white kids thought of me as a sellout to my culture because I wanted to a future. With a school of mainly white and black students, I didnt really have anywhere to go for some good comfort. In this effect, I was left to fend for myself. Once the bell rang to leave school, I became a Solo Dolo (as upcoming artist Kid Cudi uses in his music).
"Anything man-made is flawed in some type of way simply because the being that makes it is not perfect either." - Madubuike
A Solo Dolo is a term originating from the New York Area that symbolizes someone who is a solo, able bodied, thought provoking, one-man team kind of person. Some of them are druggies, some are renegades, and some go with the flow. Since there are many definitions to this term, I would like to make one that suits me. In my definition, when you see this individual, he is not with friends, but with himself. He feels that if people provoke him, he is at fault. Having the ability to think for yourself and open your mind to things most people wouldn't even think of is what he is all about. He also craves to better himself in a way that doesnt meet the standards of his nation, but of himself.

For now call me SpeedRacer and I come to you wanting to unravel my mind on "The Uprising" many don't see when they walk outside, or go to work, or learn in college, or even watch television. So please stay tuned because I want to learn from other as well as have others learn from me!

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