Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Roots and the Uprising

When I was living on the east side of PA near Philly, my friends came to visit during the week to check out The Roots in concert. Me, not so big on The Roots, wanted to tag along because it was out of the norm of everyday working life. Although I knew I had to wake up early to go to work, I figured this is a once in a lifetime type of experience and I wanted to take it. As we entered the arena of this music guru’s lair, I realized that these guys were amazing! Their demeanor of playing pure, real, free speech music really caught my attention. Although this was most likely a much smaller venue than they were used to, they were so into their own performance. You could really tell they love what they do no matter what type of money is coming through at the moment. As my friends got in the mood and began jamming away, I noticed an attractive girl walk behind me and ask the bouncer near the bar a question. As I was not trying to hear the conversation at all, she had the audacity to scream it in the guy’s ear so everyone close by could look at her with complete confusion. She walks up to the bouncer, and asks him, “HEY!! I just got here. When are the Roots getting on to perform?!” The bouncer replies, “This is them…” “Oh…” the girl replies back.

In two letters, one syllable, one conversation, this girl went from attractive and approachable to the vermin of the music world. I could not believe, still cannot believe, she came to a concert completely naïve to what she was about to watch. Although she may have came with her boyfriend, she was very alone at that point in time which gave her no credibility to even be there, or try to zoom in to the magnificent display of music everyone was seeing. In complete disgust, I had to write this down somewhere because it bothered me so much to see someone pay a ticket, if she even paid, to see a music phenom they had no idea about! I may not have listened to their music but I at least knew what they looked like before I went.

Moral of the story: Research before you proceed and commit.

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