Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moral Monday (Sunday Edition): The Best Summer Ever

Last summer was easily the best summer I ever had. From the people I met, to the things I did with the people, to the new places I adventured to, to the new doors that have opened in my life, to everything else that made it an amazing summer. The summer started back with a bang when a friend of mine came into town to visit and network with people. As I hung out with him on his adventures through town, I came across many people that I saw as prime individuals to keep in touch with as well since they would be in the area of my inhabitance. From getting to know these people more and more, I came to notice how cool these individuals are to know personally.

What's interesting abou these people is how many dont really know them on a more personal level. I found it really cool to have the insider and see these people for who they are instead of being out of the loop. To hear about how they came to be where they are was pretty interesting as well. In past lives and interests, they were B-Boys, Grad students, police officers, flight attendants, hockey players, and the list goes on. To see where they came from and what they have become currently inspired me to never let a single goal depict your future. See things in life as stepping stones getting you to see what you really want to become. Never settle on something if it doesn't satisfy you the way you want to be satisfied. These people had many things most may love to have going for there selves. Girls, money, a fan base, fun jobs, and connections to all over the nation, maybe even the world. Seems like a great opportunity for sure.

The point I am getting at is I learned to be happy again. As I adventure through the treacherous struggles of college work, I forgot how to be happy with myself and my abilities. I forgot what it was like to enjoy what I do. I forgot how to love myself for what I have accomplished instead of for what I havent accomplished. I learned how to be care free and live my life without regrets. With that said, my task for you is to evaluate your life and see if you forgot to be happy when you go to work, or hang out with family or friends, or even just being by yourself. Make your happiness.

Moral: Are you happy to say you are happy or are you just saying it?

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Dorothy said...

I have learned that true happiness comes from within and only i can make me happy. It took some time for me to realize that I was really happy with what I have, not what I wish I don't have.