Friday, December 31, 2010

Setback Saturday (Friday, New Year's Eve Edition): Ride the Trip

What is a trip? Is it something you take with family or friends? Did you take too many drugs and began freaking out? Or maybe you just hit a part of your life where the road is getting harder and harder to follow. This is very common in this day and age to have a sense or feeling of not being able to ride the trip of life anymore. According to statistics, people jumping off the trip and stopping are higher than ever. Medications for anything and everything fill your TV screens like they are fine to take without and issues even though they will explain the side effects after telling you how good the drug will make you feel. So with that said, my question to you is what trip should you ride, an outside trip or your very own?

A trip can be understood in many ways. It can be you taking a physical ride away from the world, or riding right into what the world has to offer, or even taking a ride that lands you on the your mind of course. Trips are what life is all about. Without a trip, where is the story? Should trips be avoided? Should we all avoid each other and stay in our houses without venturing out to interact with other life forms? Are opinions and viewpoints what make trips great?

I hope all of you who read this by now understand that when I say trips, I am talking about things in life that make you happy, sad, angry, excited, bored, scared, hurt, and any other emotion you can think of that I didn't mention. You must make the best out of trips you have. Life in this world is limited and you never know when it can end. Why live in a trip if you dont have to? Riding a trip is more of a mindset than a physical trip. Being rich is not a trip, being happy is. Being crippled is not a trip, feeling sad is. Taking drugs is not a trip, avoiding problems with those drugs is a trip. If you want to ride a trip that never gets old, look at life ten-fold. To have a happy trip does not mean being the greatest, or the richest, or having fame, a happy trip is what you make out of a situation. They say the poorest people in the world are the happiest because they found a medium of being satisfied with what they have instead of what they want. They also say the people you see as amazing and great have the lowest self esteem from what they had to do to get where they wanted to be. My thought to you is I expressed two extremes, where do you lie and how will you change to make your trip a positive one instead of being negative?

Setback: Dont avoid the trip, ride it until you think you had enough. And when you had enough, find another destination.

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