Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie Uprising: Legion

In the past few months, I watched a movie that blew my mind with the amount of underlying messages they were showing. Legion is a movie about a girl that is the chosen one. This girl had no idea why she was chosen or had any inclination that something in the world was about to happen to cause her to be "taken" or killed. The majority of the movie is plotted in a restaurant that is in the middle of the desert. None of the people in the restaurant at the current time know that something crazy is going to happen until an old lady walks in and orders a raw steak. She gladly devours the fly engrossed steak and immediately begins shape shifting into something not of this world. Immediately, she tries to attack the chosen one but is stopped by her "protector." As the movie continues, everyone in the diner at the time realize they were ALL chosen to be apart of these end of days in a positive way.

What really interested me about this movie was how the movie did not choose a single religion to base the movie under. Yes the protector of the "chosen one" is an angel, but he did not act like your typical angel. He cursed, he had no problem killing, he was fighting against his own savior. Both angels and demons were coming to kill one person and one person only. He was alone in the world of saving the chosen one. If the chosen one died, the world ended as they knew it. If she survived the plague that was coming to kill her, the people of earth would see another day of positive instead of perishing into hell. You never fully find out why people were coming to kill her but to see angels and demons coming in masses to a deserted diner to kill one person freaked me out.

It made me think of what to really believe. Who to really believe. Yes, it is a movie that is completely fiction but it opened my mind to thinking outside of the box because of how controversy the movie could be taken. The people who wrote and directed the movie were not afraid to show good and evil agreeing to end a world that we know too well. There seemed to be no such thing as a blessing or a miracle anymore and I never thought of something like that.

I didn't really have a direction to where this was going. I just really thought this was an interesting movie that people should watch because it makes you think.

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The Dainty One said...

the chosen one immediately made me think of Harry Potter. oh yes. lol