Saturday, February 5, 2011

Setback Saturday: Controversy Kills the Cat

Have you ever just sat back and thought about why we as people are different. Of all the personalities, or sexual orientations, or nationalities, or mental conditions, or height, weight, lefty, righty, large boobs small boobs, fetish fiend, or whatever else you can think about that makes us different than one another, it all boils down to race being the biggest issue of them all.

Let's play a game. I am a white female on about to get on a public transit bus. The area this bus services can be a college campus with a very low crime rate.She didnt want to stand on the bus because her heels were making her feet hurt. The female notices that all seats are filled except a seat by a really hairy guy that looks like he just snorted 8 to 12 lines with pit stains or a cleaned up intelligent looking black guy that is easily on a journey of epic proportions that DONT involve getting your attention in any type of way or worse try and rape you... the female, clearly affected by media decides the best fit for her safety would be to sit next to the hairy coke head. Now, what is wrong with this picture? Spelling it out for you would be telling you what you already know so Im not doing it.

A man walks into a gas station on his trip to Las Vegas from Dallas. He stops in a small town to fill up on gas and take a potty break. When he enters the station, the guy behind the clerk immediately tells him he is not permitted in his store. When the man asks why, the guy tells him that he doesnt want get blown up. Can you guess the ethnicity of this person? I know I can.

So seriously, why does the color of one's skin tell a story about someone before you even knew anything about them? How did this thing of race become one of the most controversial things in life for everyone, and directed toward minorities more than anything else! If I ever find a solution to get people to shut UP about them having a bad experience with a black person, or a serious disagreement with some girl from china, or felt used by the columbian guy they just had sex with, realize that all because ANOTHER person is the same color doesn't mean they think the same!

Setback: Lets take a triple-jump this time, the leap to getting rid of stupidity seemed to make things worse.

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