Monday, March 21, 2011


Craziest. Party. Ever. So Jen and I go on this journey that many other journeyers may not have went on during a Saturday Night in cold rainy Pittsburgh. We went to a house party. No big deal you say? What's so reckless about them you say? Well I'll tell you.

Me and my partner in crime drive over to this spot on the west and we park the car, lock up, and make way into the streets of da burgh. We get to the house after being lost for awhile and get to the door. When it opens, the first wiff was a mix of cheetos and drugs of some sorts. I choose a no no to go into detail.

We walk into this plethora of confusion with utter dillusion as to what we just walked into. Jen didnt know this girl from ANYWHERE. They met randomly, obvious this isnt the whole truth, but it kinda is. We explore her row house with amazement with the people and music that was playing. It was really out there but nice at the same time. We decided to cozy down in the area of where drugplay was occurring. After a few drinks people wanted to play Kings and ask reckless questions. A girl asked a metro guy at the table who in the room of both sexes would he smang/bang/smash. He chooses a girl in the room and the guy he chooses just happened to be me. After this occurred, I found out from somewhere this dude is actually gay. I have no problem with gay guys, its just that I was just hit on by one and that is NOT. I guess it was part of the game but I honestly would not have answered that question if that was me. I mean seriously. Like, cmon. Over and out and back again.

Eat me.

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Dorothy said...

when you see trouble son, run.....didn't your mama tell you.