Saturday, January 22, 2011

Setback Saturday: Existence

Has anyone ever sat down and seriously thought about the idea of being alive? Seriously, I'm not going crazy I am just speaking my mind. Lol. The idea that EVERYONE in the world is different in some way. How crazy is that?! Billions of people, different sizes, colors, textures, body types, features, hair, feet, hands, innies, outties, male/female genitalia, it is rediculous. And the biggest thing is that everyone has a soul, a lifestyle, a different way they see life through what they experience while being alive on this land we call earth in a solar system with no other form of contact to anything else in this dimensia. I think its insane.

I am simply saying this stuff because I was thinking one day of what it means to be a part of society as a person and then I began to think about what it means to be alive. Some people say being alive is having sex, or making use of yourself, or connecting with your spirit, or yadda yadda yadda. The thing about it is when you really think about what it means to have an existence like we have and live the life as we know it without knowing how exactly all of this came to be to begin with, you begin to realize how thankful you should be to have parents that gave up millions of sperm, an egg, 7-10 months, pain and unger of lugging you around, then birthed you into a world that you will experience in your own way with your own thoughts, your own being, I think that is the best gift anybody could give to another person. But that still just makes me wonder how this all came to be. I'm talking about before God, like who made god? Did that being above pop out of thin air and give us the beautiful experience to live on the great one's own? Who knows. Will we ever know? Hmm maybe when the Mayan Calender runs out. Lets see what happens then I guess...

But until then. I thank the highest beings of all beings for allowing me to live. Deuces

Setback: Being depressed makes no sense. If you can't make your own fun other than enjoying thinking of bad thoughts, consider helping yourself out by caring about the life you were given instead of potentially taking it away. Its your life, not the world's.

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