Monday, March 21, 2011

The Update: Showtime

Alright so school always seems to find a way into my blogging love. So I am ADDING a show to my already set in stone shows:

Moral Monday: You already know about this show. You want to learn a life moral. Stay tuned to it.

Setback Saturday: Things that set you back in life. Things that cause you dilemma from getting where you want to be.

The Kendy Kronicals: This can be anything that deals with being a B.O.S.S. Now dont get too excited, you wont hear anything juicy enough to stop me from getting a job so keep that in mind. Ranges can deal with new music, the love life, trips, family, and friends. Pretty much, the positives of life. I am always talking about something that will set you back, or a life lesson that was learned from an experience. Why not the good things to look at in life? Stay tuned!


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