Monday, December 26, 2011

Moral Monday: Being On One

It feels good. It feels nice. It comes on a sudden burst of energy that people may not understand when it happens. The feeling of being on one.
To some, this is simply a feeling of cockiness that forms after years of being on the top. For others, like myself, the ability simply comes from evaluating the life you are living and how you choose to live by looking past the negative and appreciating all the positive in your life. I am thankful to be able to have learned how to look at the top side of things rather than worrying about how a past action has hurt me because I feel as though you grow more when you can clear your mind of negativity and simply live as happy as you can. Being On One isn't a statement but more so a way of life.

Think about it, as a black man, do you think it is attractive to stand on the corner selling drugs and seriously say you are Being On One when in reality you are making less than minimum wage? (Divide the amount you make in a day by the amount of time you spent making that money and see what the number is) Do you think Being On One is chasing the guys that look good and drive the nice cars when in reality they are using those nice cars good looks to find the girls that will chase them so they dont have to do any work and get all the play? (Yes, I am trying to say those type of guys do not believe in sticking with one sex partner) Do you think living in the limelight is a statement of power or corruption? (Yes, I am saying that not everyone in the limelight deserves to be there from the actions that got them there) Being On One is an impact within itself.

The Movement of Being On One:

Believe In Yourself
Never trust in anyone else to believe in you. You must instill in yourself something others cannot find for you. Yes, you may need help in your journey to discovering belief within yourself but it is OK to do so. There is no wrong in getting help through others. Just dont expect others to find your beliefs. You must ALWAYS find your own beliefs. No true believer found belief through others, it came from within like spirit and pride or thought and action.

Stay True to Your Self
If you dont think you are wrong. You are not wrong. If you aren't comfortable with doing certain things. Dont do it. Never be swayed by others unless you are staying true to yourself. Although this is easier said than done, life is built upon influence from others around you. Being influenced by others comes parallel with staying true. Be influenced by things that are a part of yourself. Dont be influenced by things that dont relate to you because that will simply drag you down an unaware alleyway asking for a crackhead to mug you and leave you for dead.

Do the Right Thing
Right or Wrong. Black or White. Good or Bad. Love or Hate. This is pretty self explanatory. If you dont know what it feels like to do the right thing and how it feels to do the right thing let me know so I can keep you in my prayers.

Never Back Down
Bullies are set in life to test your strength. Users and abusers are put in life to test your strength within yourself. People down others to test their strength. If you allow another man or woman to let you become belittled by them you deserved it. We are ALL on the same spectrum. We have all been made from the same plan. The only difference is the mission in each plan. Nothing can be considered more powerful unless they found the ability to become more powerful than my maker. And from what I understand, I dont think our maker would be dumb enough to make something of his creation that could potentially take his throne. It wouldnt make sense for one to do so because if the maker needed to change something, it might actually be hard. Never back down unless you are staring in the essence of your maker. Everything else is irrelevant objects that try and replicate his essence when in reality it can never be reproduced.

Know Thyself
If you dont love yourself, how can you love others? If you never experienced yourself angry, how do you know how to handle it? If you were never happy, how do you know what tru happiness means? Think about this. Not everyone experiences what it means to experience something in its greatest form until they experience it so if you have been able to see yourself at its extreme, thank your maker for giving you that opportunity because not all have done so.

Respect/Love Your Maker
They say the good die young. Everything happens for a reason. Nobody has a plan for life other than our maker. Praise its essence. Worship its greatness because some will see it or never see it at all. The only way to know you will see it is if you can honestly say you have lived in its shadow of Trueness. Im not saying go to church every Sunday. Im not saying forgive yourself for all the bad you have done. All I am saying is if you died today, could you say to yourself you lived true to yourself and your maker?

Longevity Yourself
Pretty Obvious. Eat Right. Do everything in Proportion. Never over consume. Never over indulge.

Never Forget
Forgive everyone. Forgive yourself. Never forget what they did because they will do it again if you forget. The saying goes "You hurt me once, shame on you. You hurt me twice, shame on me."

Continue to Learn Through Yourself and Others Around You
Never stop learning. Life is a lesson. To reach the end of life with a good mindset, never stop learning. Never stop observing. Never stop teaching the predecessors. Never stop giving back. Never stop helping. Never stop thanking. never stop producing. never stop working. Never stop stay True.

Moral Word: Legit

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