Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moral Monday: Views = Goals

I was having this discussion with a friend of mine about how people decide the type of life they choose to live because of what they have grown to experience. Since everyone’s life experiences are different, it makes sense to want to pursue different goals in life. I used myself as an example. All my life, I wanted to be either an engineer or an architect. My reasons from this were because I want to provide for my family, I enjoy having things I want, and money is good to have. Now crossing this with my views on life in general, I noticed some interesting things happening. I feel that you must live your life as crazy but as safe as possible. Party hard but know when to stop. I must always make prime decisions when dealing with big events. I cant stand individuals who don’t know what they want in life because I know exactly what I want. Opportunities missed are another person’s gain, So with that said, I try not to miss an opportunity unless I am unreal nervous about the situation.

I also believe technology is key. Without constant change in technology, what else is there to look forward to. Nothing else changes, people don’t change in terms of the type you meet. Clothes dont change, they just keep getting smaller and tighter. Drama certainly does not change in the least bit, always the same stuff. So with that said, technology is the key to changing the way we live in this day and age.

Coming with being an engineer comes weight in terms of money. Being an engineer puts you in a position requiring great responsibility in terms of ethics and projects that can spend great quantities of money. In turn, having great responsibility includes benefits financially with this. It is nice to know as an engineer, one can be financially stable if they please. Also, money does not bring happiness but it can bring other things to you that may bring some happiness. Although having money brings stability in this day and age, it will still continue to be the root of all evil.

Lastly, I also feel that technology is fun to mess around with. I am a nerdy individual so technology is always a commodity with my life. Unfortunately, there are individuals who do not see eye to eye with my views.

Now, my friend on the other hand is a Rehabilitation Services major. This individual grew up in a very different way than I ever will experience growing up. Through their experiences, they have grown to believe in family always being first even when done wrong. They believe people should have someone who would be willing to help them out or talk to them when needed, hence the rehab major. Also, this comes from having people close to them that may have needed help in this type of way. From all of this, this person has a need to want to help other. I am not saying I do not want to help others. I was just put in a position where I have been provoked to the point of wanting to really assist other in that fashion. Keep in mind, I did want to study psychology because the human brain and the way people act really interest me but I realized engineering was more of an interest.

From this, I conclude that the views of individuals truly equate to the goals people go for in life. Everyone’s life is different so everyone’s goal will never be exactly the same. This keeps everyone unique and allows everyone to benefit this world with this skills they have attained from their experiences. This is why having a society with people who have know soul or uniqueness would never suffice. In order to progress in anything, one must experience struggle.

Moral: Live by what you have live and believe, not by what you see.

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