Monday, January 10, 2011

Late Night Moral Monday: Killing a Part of Yourself

Death is a part of life. Killing is also a part of life.

Life consists of a general flow, yea lets use some engineering words, of a process that gives a person millions of resources to use. In this same process, there is a time when the process is over and nothing happens with that person anymore. What I am trying to say is life is a box of chocolates and once you ate all the chocolate you could, you may realize that this exact chocolate may be the reason why you died. Now, dont jump to the conclusions abou tme and your personal reasons to eat certain food. I love Snickers. They are amazing. The point I am trying to get across is that how do you think it feels to die? Has anyone ever thought about what actually happens to their spirit or how the process turns out? Idk thats besides the real point of this bloop.

I was watching the news some time ago and I realized how the news ultimately never has anything good to say. You watch the news to see what is going on in the world, but most times, you are not being notified of what is actually going down, you are being told stories that are chosen to specifically increase ratings to the station. The topic that is being chosen 85% of the time is murder and drugs. With that said, the crazy reality is that the world is not a negative place as the news makes it seem to be, it is pleasant. But to go back to the murders occurring in the world, has anyone who hasnt killed another human being ever thought about how that really affects someone? Go on think about it, i'll give you a moment. Cool. Alright.

To kill another human being with no remorse is a very unlikely statement. A drug dealer gets mad at one of his clients because he didnt pay his money and they kill him. Is it safe to say that the more you kill, the crazier you get? As the title of this blog says, I believe that killing another human being also kills a part of theirself. Lets think about it in terms of a war situation now. World War II was one of the ugliest wars to happen in this world and it is ashame the amount of people that gave their lives for pride in themselves about an issue they were not fully aware of. After WWII ended, the military came home and their families noticed the dramatic change in their loved one. They came home tired, mentally wounded, lifeless at times, even angry at the world. They were put in a situation that people should be thankful not to experience. To kill a person is like trying to defy the creator himself. If you ever seen the movie "Final Fantasy," remind yourself of the plague of ghosts that romed the world taking human's souls. Picture the process of the souls they would take as a sign of what happens when you kill someone else. Your soul is slowly being taken away and replaced with cold bitterness.

Moral: Death is life. Natural deaths are good too

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