Monday, January 3, 2011

In the Sleepbox: Dreams Galore

The Home dream with people trying to kill me

I had a dream that I was at my home with random people and one of the people didnt like me very well and for some reason I was freaked out that this person was going to shoot me.

The Wilderness dream with Godzilla trying to kill me

I was in the wilderness with a group of people running away from Godzilla. For some reason Godzilla had a personal vendetta on me because when he found us he purposely wanted to kill me first. I was hiding in a bush while everyone else was in the open and he purposely went in the bush to get me out and rip me in two.

Being held up in a multi level restaurant when I had nothing to do with anything

I was hanging out with friends eating and we were waiting in line to get food while someone behind me caused some issues with my friends in front of me. I was trying to stop them from getting into anything deep and, keep in mind they are all girls for some reason, the girl behind me pulls out a gun and everyone starts running. Next thing you knwo she is pointing it at me and I manage to take the gun away to find out she had another gun behind her back...she then saw my camera around my neck and stole it. Great.

WTF is up with these dreams. They all happened in the same night.


skyeferd said...

i Have mannny dreamss that aree weirdddddD D:

Dorothy said...

just be careful, and ask God to protect u becuase the world seems not to get better.