Saturday, January 8, 2011

Setback Saturday: Is Lying Wrong when Protecting?

Lets think about this people. When you were in elementary school and saw someone being 'bullied,' the teacher pointed you out to ask you, "What happened Kendal? Why does Jeremy have a black eye?" Do you tattle or take a hit and not say a word? I feel liek most people at this age would havent said anything out of the whole "Dont snitch" thing. Yea that is still around for sure. But lets get serious.

Have you ever thought about lying to protect someone from hurting or causing harm? Did you not want to hurt your spouse because you were slightly cheating that one time? Did you mess up a friend's relationship with someone else but didn't want to let it known publicly? Were you wrongfully accused of something but never told who actually did the crime?

I feel as though there is a limit to what one can actually say to people and not worry about what those implications can do. Many people can take things the wrong wayside not fully understand your perspective at times. I feel as though speaking the truth can set you free by being upon unneeded issues at times. People will not always accept what you do for them or like how you deal with situations but it is important o understand how to take these situations and amend to them so you have less drama in your life.

I have secrets just like everyone else. It is obviously my choice to keep these secrets in but sometimes the best thing to do is lock it away an forget about it instead of ponder about how someone may feeling they found out about something you did for them or to them. Although I like to know information about certain things, I also know when to stop and realize if knowing this will actually matter down the road. Did my last girlfriend cheat on me? I don't know. Are my friends my real friends? I dont know. Will we stay friends for awhile? Who knows. Sometimes living in the moment is the best thing to do.

Setback: There is a reason why god put our brains higher than our hearts.

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