Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sidebar: Engineering is too much for people

Engineering is too much for people It's wild how many people I know that have either dropped out, switched majors, or did something else wild because engineering took them over. It is truly an accomplishment to graduate from penn state with an engineering degree. All the struggle you go through just to graduate is completely rediculous. Non engineers will never understand unless they take a class specifically for engineers. Then you will completely understand the situations they go through. You always have the genious in a room full of normals and there will always be the complete slackers. What's important is the middle people. The middle people who are monoriies. They have the toughest position to be in because not only are they looked down upon as not being as smart as their white counterparts, it is tough to find more people to study with as well as relate with. 

I am simply going off some random stuff but yea, this is how I feel.

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