Saturday, June 26, 2010

Setback Saturday: Touching back with old ties

Its good to talk to people from high school that have changed for the better but in a different way than yourself because they went a different route.

I attended my neighbor's nephew's graduation party for high school the other day and I was happy to see many people from my graduating class were in attendance. I ended up having a really long conversation with a friend from high school I haven't seen since we graduated.

What really stunned me was how we were both on the same page with a ton of things we talked about. The big difference was how different our lifestyles were in the past four years. I was off at college learning through other people while this person stayed at home learning themselves and their child.

Through this discussion, I came to the conclusion that life doesn't matter in terms of what you do to get where you are at in life, it's all about learning how to survive in this day and age. Life is about survival and nothing else.

We were talking about all the kids from high school that were killed, in jail, or completely MIA and that's when we unifyingly came to the conclusion that life is all about survival and knowing how to do it.

Setback: learn about life before life takes you over.

-- Pay It 4Ward

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