Saturday, June 19, 2010

Setback Saturday: Why Me?

As a black man living in a nation run by fat white old men, you tend to wonder how do you fit in, where you are actually from, and how do you plan on surviving. The key question to what I am trying to understand is below:

Where am I really from and wat can I call my own?

It is hard to reach a point in your own life and know that you do not fully know where exactly you are from or how you came to get where you are. Of course, I know a tiny bit of where I am from. My family is based in Mississippi and Maryland and still lives there...but what else? What else can I recall about my roots?

I know I am African descent but what part of Africa am I from? What happened to my ancestors for them to find their way to the Americas? Why were they chosen as individuals to be sent over to the Americas as Africa's trash that they didn't want anymore? Why were we stripped of our identities and given names that do not represent our background, but our owner's backgrounds? These are all questions I have for the people that did what they did to my ancestors and I just wish there was one person that could answer them.

Setback: Things in your life you may take for granted may actually be the most important morsel of information you may ever need to know. So write it down and remember it.

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