Monday, June 21, 2010

Moral Monday: Make Something Outta Nothing

Everyday, people make something out of nothing. The true beauty of art is how well somebody can make something out of completely nothing. It is truly amazing seeing the thought process of an experienced painter as they decided what colors to use in a draw, if they want to use pencil, pastel, oil, etc. Each drawing takes a ton of work to muster up believe it or not.

The same comes from making music or even DJing music. Many people do not realize how much skill it takes to pick the right song to play at the right time. It's not something you can choose on the spot. It's something that comes with being able to read a crowd, judge the type of music that gets them bumping, that makes them bored, and that gets them in a good mood. It also comes with being able to master the art of changing songs and transitioning. It's something that many see as easy but few really master.

From being friends with many DJs, I have had many opportunities to witness them in their element. From first glance, you see turntables, a computer, and some other sound equipment. It doesn't even make sense how they know how to use any of it. Then, they do their magic of playing songs and transitioning and you simply see your mind go from stimulated to overworked to understand what the heck they are doing. But from the dancefloor nobody actually sees this going on and thinks it's a simple job to have. Wrong.

The reason I spoke about artwork and DJing is because I feel they go hand in hand. DJing for a night is like musically drawing out artwork to the ears of the people. If you play the wrong song, or perhaps paint something the wrong way, people may not enjoy what you have done. If you do it right, it's like watching Michael Jackson live in concert in his prime. Pure envy and total gratitude. So this post goes to all my brothers who bring art to my ears every night I come out for support in an event.

DJ Bonics

DJ Digital Dave

DJ Nugget

DJ Pete Butta

DJ Zimmie

Moral Monday: Sit down somewhere and enjoy the smell of roses because you never know when you may never get to sit and enjoy the beauty of a rose ever again

-- Pay It 4Ward

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