Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleepbox: Flying Fish Death

This was just ridiculous. I was in my Material Science Class just hanging out of course not even worrying about what was going on in class because I have my handy dandy iPhone to keep me company because that class SUCKS. As the class begins to come in all I notice is mad amount of fish in the air...yea I know. What is wrong with my mind? These fish are swimming around like we are underwater and it is weirding me out because they are coming close to me.

As more students begin to come into the class I continue seeing more and more violent fish that would attack humans if we are underwater. Then, suddenly, I come across a giant squid that is swimming around and notices me. He looks straight at me and attacks me head on. This is when I wake up. So I assume I died.

I think I had this dream because I think Material Science Classes are like squids swimming around snooping for


The Dainty One said...


just wow.

An Emancipation Of Mental Slavery said...

haha. this is silly. fish & squids. classic.