Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Sleepbox: The Fish Market

  • Had a job interview early in the morning
  • Was not at UP Penn State at the time
  • was staying over my friend Kaurys' apartment
  • She stayed over a fish market type of place
  • My leg was bothering me so they hand crafted a solid metal brace for me at the fish market
  • The fish market owner's wife let me into Kaurys' apartment without even knowing if I knew her, I guess from my pacing
  • I was going to be late for my appointment
  • Ended up going to the wrong apartment and meeting their daughter
  • They helped me craft the metal brace
  • they wanted me to eat before I went to the interview so I stopped to eat
  • Time was going much slower than I thought
  • I did all of this in one hour
  • I saw a kid get messed up on a bike too big for him riding in the snow
  • Tiff Cruz was also in the dream at Qdoba
  • I went to Qdoba thinking Kaurys was there because she said she was at a Qdoba
  • I needed her key
  • I thanked the fish market owners for their niceness and free food
  • I dont remember leaving for the interview
Yea. It didnt make ANY Sense.

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