Monday, June 28, 2010

Moral Monday: Connections

So I am at the bar hanging out with a group of friends. The friends I just so happen to be hanging out with are bartenders and DJs. At the bar, a group of girls sit next to me and are conversing about random things. I am not really laying them any mind but to be honest they were pretty attractive. My friend who bartends, lets call him Joe Schmoe, asks me if I would like a refill on the drink I was sipping on. My favorite drink is a Black Russian by the way. I cannot get enough of that drink. He fills the drink and dutifully returns it to me. I motion to get my wallet so I can pay for the drink and he waves me off as I go for it. Appreciatively, I raise my drink and take a sip out of respect and gratitude for the drink. As I do this, the girls next to me notice I did not pay and start talking amongst themselves about what they just saw. I overhear them getting louder and louder with their convo about how I didn't pay for my drink and I began to giggle to myself because I knew exactly what they were talking about.

This was interesting to me because I realized then and there how key it is to keep contacts with everyone. It is so important to meet new people and stay in contact because you never know when that person can be an asset to your life or company. That whole experience made me consider how networking is the way of life.

Moral: Stalk Everyone!

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