Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Avatar: The Underlying Controversey

Yesterday, i was able to watch the new movie Avatar in 3D. Before I even got there, I was not in the best mood because my mother and I got in an argument before we got in the theater. So it did not begin on a good note. To add, we arrived a few minutes late and missed the beginning of the movie. So, when we walked in, we were not focused in on the movie. But, eventually the movie caught our attention with pure amazement. All the beautiful creatures, plants, and scenes were a true spectical to see indeed. I seriously was done after I saw the scenery. Now, if you include the characters and storyline, that was complete icing on the cake.

The characters were picked very well and the love story that came along with the movie sold it for me. If you add in the storyline, pure amazement. With all these aspects that were great, the controversial part was the setup of the movie. It was literally like going back in time and watching Christopher Columbus try and kill off Native Americans so he can take their land. It was literally the same scenario. The only reason why I allowed it was because the ending made everything better. Ill let you see the movie for yourself so I dont give anything away.

The movie went from depressing and racist in a sense to uplifting and controversial. Although this movie would be considered a sci-fi/action type of movie, I can see this movie being used to teach younger people about the ways of life and how to overcome tough times and prove to others what you are worthy of in this world. I left the movie theater uplifted in a sense like I can do whatever I want regardless of the downs I get in return.

My Opinion: Go see the movie and be uplifted in a way you wouldnt have thought of. Keep an open mind and remember its simply a movie.

Over and out.

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