Monday, December 28, 2009

Moral Monday: Suicide

Recently in local news, a man around my age, about 24, jumped to his grave from a bridge. To be exact, he landed on the roof of another restaurant. That is something I never want to witness god forbid. My heart goes out to the family for their loss and I wont use his name in anyway out of respect for him and the family because the news decided they want to gobble up the story and use it to up their reviews. But, the reason I want to talk about this is because of how selfish an act of suicide really is. Keep in mind, this is how I feel about suicide and if you feel I am wrong in the way I am thinking please tell me because my whole point of this blog is to learn from others through what I know already.

To commit suicide, in my opinion, is like killing off a piece of everyone's heart that has grown to love you. You are taking away 9 pounds of love she WILLINGLY chose to lug around in her belly. You are taking away something your family shares so much love and memories with (good or bad). You are taking away a legacy of the family. You are taking away you.

As you grow up and mature, one realizes that your existence is because of another human being, biological or not. As a baby, you cannot do anything for yourself. You must be fed, cleaned, given attention, etc. As you grow up, you begin to gain your independence (I hope) and want to find yourself in whatever way that is. Along the way, you meet people very similiar and very different to you. The people you meet grow to hate or love you. Through these people, bonds are also made. As you progress through life, you will come across more and more people that may influence you or vice versa. It is through these people where selfishness is made from an act of suicide.

Think about this, some people walk through this world never knowing what it is like to be loved or show love because of their previous experiences. Others are UNWILLINGLY killed before they even have a chance to experience the world. Even more individuals walk life in very unfortunate circumstances where they live day to day just to find food to stay alive. So, to hear someone decided to take their life saddens AND angers me at the same time. In all seriousness, if they didnt want the life they had anymore, give it to somebody who would actually cherish it. Give it to someone who it might benefit the most.

Life is a gift in itself. Having the ability to live a life and do with it what you please is something beautiful and many people take this exact thing for granted. Dont get me wrong, I have friends who have/are gone/going through depression and its something they must live with. But the point I want to make is they are living with it, trying to not let it bring them down to a point like that because they know how beautiful life is. They understand the opportunities they have and what they can do with those opportunities. They also know how their loved ones would feel if they were to commit an act like that. This is why an act of suicide saddens but angers me because the person who committed the act completely forgot who it could affect, why they are important in life, and what they have to live for. But, if you forgot all of that maybe you should evaluate the situation you are in so you can remember who you are leaving if you leave this world by your actions.

Moral: Suicide is avoidable. Remember where you come from, where you are going, who you would be leaving, and why you are needed in their life

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