Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SideBar: You Hungry?

Things like this bother me very much. I am about to go out and have a good time back home. I went to a main area where a large majority of bars and clubs reside to have a good time. Of course, wherever you go you are bound to see a bum or crackhead pop out at some point in time to cause issue. As I walk to a bar with one of my friends, we pass a supposable bum sitting on a ledge by a restaurant. I say supposable bum because this guy didnt have grummy clothes on. It seemed like he sat there just to chill but decided to bring out a cup and sit it in front of him to hope for the best. As we pass, I am assuming he sees a person eating something delicious. He yells out "Hey bruh, you gon' eat that?" As I heard this I could not believe what I heard. How do you ask someone for food like that? I could not get over that? I dont think he realized how bad he actually looked doing that.

Whats makes me giggle about homeless people in general is the fact about why they are homeless. People will give them money to start over and get a move on with their life but they will take the money and go to the cornerstore to buy a forty. Or they will go to a drug dealer and buy some drugs. I never understand people when I see them give money like that because it is never worth it. When you think about it, how hard is it really to survive in the United States? In reality, if you stick to the normal job and normal life, it is not very hard.

I heard of a "homeless person" in a suburb close to my home make over a thousand dollars a day simply by holding a sign that says he is homeless. What is funny is that the guy doesnt even look homeless in any way shape or form. In fact, he easily drives to that spot on a daily basis and sits back and relaxs while money is reeled in. People like that anger me greatly.

SideBar: Stop giving money to people who will not benefit you or themself in any way shape or form.

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