Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In The Sleepbox: Pledgee

So, this come around I am in my sleepbox trying to get a good vibe of dreams going on and I awaken in my ex-girlfriend's apartment. For some reason, it is just her and I just hanging out. All of a sudden I get a phone call. On the phone, Trey Songz...??? Yea I was thinking the same exact thing. So I am on this call with him and I am confused as to why this guy just called me. For some background of my ex-GF, she is in a Carribean Fraternity and Sorority. The first of its kind.

On this phone call, Trey Songz begins asking me weirds questions, like "So how long have you been interested?" "What year did I graduate from college?" "What was my major in college?" I am just thinking to myself, what????? Why is this guy asking me random questions about himself? Interest? Interest of what??? Did you even go to college????

Then I look at my ex in confusion because I tell her Trey Songz is on the phone and she starts grinning and I am just thinking you cannot be serious. I am not interested in joining a fraternity and my ex has gotten Trey Songz to call me about joining? Is he even in the fraternity?? I woke up after my ex girlfriend began grinning at me. So I woke up with complete confusion.

Then, out of no where I am coaching with Joe Pa during a football game. The big issue with this is I am not even watching the game!!

I dont even know how to take that dream. Maybe someone else understands and can explain it to me.


The Dainty One said...

Kendal, you have real weird dreams.

I feel like the whole thing about Trey Songz is that people go to you a lot of times for things that you may not know everything about. Or ask advice on, or something. I dunno.

And then JoePa....things are affecting you even when you're not directly in a situation. And you get pulled in some way or another. Drama? Probably.

BAM how is that for dream analysis and commenting?
OK, it may not be *that* great, but whateverrr.

The Stone said...

yo iight here it is. first of all its funny to me that you keep having dreams about the ex. that alone tells me need to go to my page and read my lat blog. pump ya breaks a drive slow homie.whatever you two have been through is past but you obviously can't stop thinking about her.

And yea i dont know about Trey. but i've had dreams with celebritiies talking to me like we were cool. i dont know what that means. its funny because it was really about the same thing.

It was a dream where I had met MLK and he was trying to get me to pledge A
phi. it was weird.

but forreal think bout what i said

GoSpeedRacerGo said...

what the crap. Why arent reviews being shown.

GoSpeedRacerGo said...

Yall are official. Thanks. Yea I mean feelings are still there. Its reckless. Ill def check out your last blog. Thanks Bri. That was a good one!