Thursday, December 24, 2009

In the Sleepbox: One Night Stand Mishap

DISCLAIMER: This is all a dream

So I travelled over to a friend's apartment to hang out as well as study for an exam we had coming up. When I get over there, its late and parties have already erupted all over the apartment complex. In my journey of avoiding the drunken plague I come across her apartment and venture in. Her roommates are also there so we end up hanging out and doing more talking than studying. As the night gets later and later, I get ready to leave but realize I live entirely too far away to get home so I ask if I can spend the night at their place since they had an extra couch and everything. They all agreed but one of her roommates offered her bed instead...Me being a guy, my first reaction is why not? I am not thinking that something may happen between me and her roommate but at the same thing it lingers in the back of my mind. As I enter the room, I see a girl sleeping in the room on the floor. She awakens as we enter and I notice it just so happens to be a high school friend I havent seen since we graduated. It was easily one of the most random experiences I ever had in a dream.

When she wakes up, she says hi and leaves. And right when she leaves and closes the door behind her, I wake up never knowing exactly what was about to occur that night. So in reality, is that considered a one night stand even if I didnt see it happen but the girl was giving me obvious signs such as flirting with me during the night and then offering me into her bed? I will never know will I. Hmmmm

I think this dream simply meant I was in need of attention possibly? Or intimacy from someone new? Dreams are amazing and that is why I want to let people know about mine!

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