Saturday, January 2, 2010

Setback Saturday: Prostitution

I turned the television on today and started watching a documentary
about prositution. I feel in myself I wanted to feel moved in a type
of way by this. Because the women they were taking the documentary
about just so happened to be around my age. As I watched I began to
see how the struggles they faced as a child going through adolescance
has caused them to feel as though a lifestyle like this is ok to have.

What's even crazier is the stories they have on how they got into the
life. A girl just explained how she was an orphan and when she turned
16 she ran away from home and went to the big apple for a dream not
ever knowing pimps and hoes were actually real. And a 40 year old man
scooped her up like it was a normal thing. 40 YEARS OLD. I can't
believe this. Things like this I will never understand. What I can
understand is why the girls stay knowing there is somethig better in
life than prostitution. But when you think about it, they never knew
anything better. And it's sad to see they never had someone in their
life to show them a true path. Things like this is what makes me
thankful for what I have, what I am doing and where I am going. What
is great to see is that they want to change. They want to have a life
that is more stable and that is something great to see.

Setback: Again, be thankful for what you have in life in terms of
being guided in a life of prosperity and great knowledge. Never stop


The Dainty One said...

Definately agree with this. I mean it's sad to see anyone on this path, whether it be people dealing drugs, being a pimp, or whatever. And I think it's also important to see the privilege that we have in our own lives.

I wish more people were aware of stories like this and got themselves motivated or began to understand all that they have.

GoSpeedRacerGo said...

me too dainty me too! Ugh