Monday, January 4, 2010

Moral Monday: Black Women

This makes completely no sense to me. I feel like it is a diss against african roots to wear horse hair in your hair because you are self conscious of what white counterparts think because your hair is so short. Or because long hair is always betrayed as beautiful in loreal commercial or garnier commercials or herbal essences commercial. Long thick shiny silky hair. You never see anyone in a commercial with short hair and showing how beautiful it actually is. Or you never see many individuals who keep their hair the way they were born with it. Curly and beautifully puffed. Why. I don't understand it myself. I
never get why it is done. The whole process of keeping the fake hair maintained is rediculous in all itself. Why must it be something of the norm. I want to go somewhere that people of African descent are happy with what they got and show it well. It is important to be happy with what you have and not with what you don't have. Weave has been around even before generations I even heard of were established. I just don't understand why some feel it is important to have uncomfortable itchy hair on their head to make themselves blend in more with the white counterparts (even if they are not trying to purposely do so) that have flowing hair that is always favored as long decently thick straight hair. Curls are not a good look. Why? I don't have the slightest Idea in my mind.

Moral: Why?


The Dainty One said...

All of this is for the same reason why women wear make-up and why white girls get extensions. Usually it's competition with other women to see who can look the "best", and obviously that standard is defined by society. Trends come and go, along with hairstyles and what is deemed "acceptable". I mean, it's the same kind of concept of why men have certain hair styles and certain clothing styles.

I think some of the reason is also to look good for the opposite sex. Everyone is going to have their own opinion of what looks good, and you are a guy who likes natural hair. But a vast number of guys like the sleek, shiney, long hair that a Black woman may not necessarily have. So what does she do? She makes it so she *does* have that hair. I don't wear a weave or extensions or anything, but I do straighten my hair almost everyday because that's what's in style. And as much as I want to be the person going against the grain, I conform to the popular style of straight, non-frizzy hair.

I'm not saying I disagree with you, because I don't. I'm just trying to explain some of the reasoning behind it.

The Stone said...

Good points, good points but like Bri said it's not just women that do it. Look at black men for example.

Where is the line between trying to look good and disrespecting your roots? Think about it like this dude. What kinds of things do you do to your hair? You brush, comb, wrap, and probably use some kind of product in your hair. All of those you do to essentially "change" the way your hair looks. So while I agree that natural hair is beautiful, it would be hypocritical to speak out against weave and straightening as if they were so different from brushing and combing.

GoSpeedRacerGo said...

All good thoughts indeed. I just remember hanging out with someone and seeing her get really annoyed with the weave she had in her hair and I was just like dang, I could never see myself doing that to my hair if I was a girl. Even if I was bald, I donno. I completely understand where you are coming from with the hypocracy because its true. Maybe the point I am trying to make is for african americans to adventure back to their roots and learn a few things in general. Foreigners look at us liek we are crazy. lol