Monday, January 11, 2010

Moral Monday: Act Like It!

What is really annoying is when you reach out to someone about an issue that is important to you and they shove it in your face like you are dumb for thinking that is cool to talk about. I understand if people do this whenever they arent close to you because I know I do it. But, if if you have a good relationship with someone and they begin to act as though your views dont matter or what you have to say isnt important enough to listen to, that is not right at all. Especially if you listen to them in times when you feel as though what they have to say is meaningless but you still listen because they do the same for you. This just came to my attention recently because people dont know the decency of having some type of sympathy even when they are not in the mood for sympathy.

Treat others as you would want to be treated. I know you wouldnt enjoy if I shut you down every time you had something dumb to say. I know being a friend of mine, I can be very random and strange, but instead of making me feel stupid for being myself could you just ignore me when I do it? I would rather be ignored than feel like a complete idiot. If I had the idiot part coming ok ill take it but honestly, come on. People know when they are being nice and rude and inconsiderate. If you grew up in a typical Americanized household, you had to have that talk at least a few times. Rude people get no where!

Moral: Listen to Yo Momma and Act Right.


The Stone said...

Ay it happens my dude. Your skin gets thicker the more you stray away from the status quo.

GoSpeedRacerGo said...