Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SideBar: Wait, What?

"I didnt say your mom was hot, I just said I wanted to hang out with her."
That was by far the strangest sentence I ever heard. I was working a Penn State football game one week. I dont remember what game it was but as we were hanging around during a downtime because nobody was around, this group of guys and girls walks by. And right as they walk by, one of the guys blirts this sentence out. Now, at the time nobody knew how to take and just paused because he said it pretty loud. Then, after he says it, he looks at us because we were in vicinity an says "Yea thats right I said it!" At that point everybody lost their mind because it was easily the wildest most random thing to hear when you are working a merchandise stand. Like all work stopped for a good 10 minutes to understand why he had to say that at that very moment in time.