Saturday, January 9, 2010

Setback Saturday: Chemical Pressure

Is peer pressure something more than just peer pressure? Or is it simply what we see? Its strange how I question about this because it is quite an interesting topic indeed. The way a mind gets swayed is something people should always question. Good girl gone bad. Innocent creature to feared carnivore? Unborn child to behind bars? How do things like this happen? I mean seriously.

I was reading some of Dan Brown's recent book "The Lost Symbol," and it sparked my attention to how thoughts are so powerful. I understand, the book is not speaking of fully true ideals but you look this stuff up and you see ideas and depictions of what he is talking about and it is truly amazing. Thoughts have much more power than you may think. Believing you can complete a task is more than just believing. Truly believing something can go a certain way can change the way the molecules around you react to your body, how your muscles react (obviously), how others see you, etc. In the book, the ability of a large group of people to meditate and think about something unifying can create a drastic change to the properties of the world at that time. A great example they used was thinking of your body and how each organism has a different task, but once unified, it makes you, a true work of art. ART. Unified Art. I think I struck a nerve.

So, back to being pressured by others, say for example you are a group of kids trying to decide how you want to spend the night. Somebody wants to go to the movies, someone else wants to barhop, somebody else really wants to go night. Yea I am a weirdo. If you ever notice in a group of people, the person who feels the strongest about doing something usually prevails...why is that? Is it because they are the most assertive in the group? Is it because they are the biggest and scariest in the group? Or are just a big big baby? Who knows.

By the way, the group of kids earlier went fishing. Yea what a bunch of weirdos at night time. But in other regards, think about what I am saying. Chemical or Spiritual Pressure. A better way to understand what I am talking about is by seeing and understanding the movie Avatar. Everything is connected, even if they dont know they are connected. Any move or thought you take is felt by the world. So if everyone was to unify and think of loving thoughts, what do you think might happen to the earth? Or to something that is focused on?

Studies have shown that good and bad thoughts can cause change to physical things in the world. Crazy right? Google it and check it out. Its pretty interesting stuff. My whole reason for writing this blog is just to help people realize in the world we live in, a simple thought can go a long way if driven strongly enough.

Setback: Think good thoughts.

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