Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the Sleepbox: Ex BFF and 1st Cousins

OK, so in my dream I decided around noon I wanted to go to Mad Mex for some reason. I think I wanted to fill out some paperwork for an order or something. From Mad Mex? I dont understand either. So when I walk in, I see my god aunt and my two first cousins from Mississippi. Whats weird is my god aunt doesn nto know my first cousins at all. Two different areas completely. So when I walk in, they look up and point at me when I walk in. I havent seen my cousins in awhile so I was excited but I told them I was going to be right back in a minute because I had to do something really quick. By the time I finished what I was doing, my cousins and this god aunt I havent talked to in years are about to leave. Whats confusing is why are they all together? And this random attractive lady shows up when they leave and leaves with them. Who was that?

My cousins barely said any words to me. All they said was Hi and that they miss me. Like, in the dream I felt like I did something wrong and I dont know why. Maybe it sbecause I feel guilty that I am not as close to them as I want to be. They live thousands of miles away and it is hard for me to find times to talk to them because we are all busy living our lives and trying to get through college as well as get jobs. So, I dont know how to take this dream either because I was really hurt after it happened. I remember waking up screaming my cousin's names because they were driving away and not letting me talk to them. Intense.

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