Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Moral: Digital Miscommunication

Have you ever been on the phone using text messages and decide that you want to joke with somebody by insulting them in a jokingly manner. In your mind, you take this as a moment where they will clearyl see that you are joking with them instead of take you seriously. Unfortunately, due to chemistry, for some reason they think you are SERIOUS and they decide to go on a tangent causing them to flip on ou for something as small as saying

"Hey, you remember last week when you got drunk and made out with that chick that looked like she had herpes....hahahaha it was so funnny." "Dude, stfu that was not funny at all. You are so not cool for bringing that up!" "....It was a joke...."
I cannot stand it enough when this happens on the phone. One minute your conversation is carefree, then all of a sudden.....hell has broken loose. Please...people EVERYWHERE. Take Messages Carefree!!!!!

Wednesday Moral: Text messages are an act of love in itself. Be happy you arent face to face with the person and leave it at that!

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