Saturday, January 16, 2010

Setback Saturday: Unmarried Black Women

This is an article I came across on the web. I think it is very controversial in terms of the black men in the United States and what they offer to black women. Obviously, there is a draught of "good" black men. Am I happy about this? Obviously not. Do I wish I could change this? I can try to. I honestly do feel as though many black women have standards that are high because of what men in this country do. Think about it. Women want a man who will take charge, who is handsome, has a future, a career, can make them laugh, can be a good lover, a good listener, doesnt carry baggage, and all of the above. But in all seriousness, there are men that do fit these requirements from women. The problem is there is more of an abundance outside of the black race. The change needs to happen by having more "brothers" who fit these assets.

I dont believe in what Steve Harvey says in the video about black women wanting too much out of a black man. I believe they want what other women get out of a guy. All of the above. A woman shouldnt have to dumb down their standards because black men havent been able to get with the times and past all the depression and slavery as fast as black women have been able to. Yea that was probably a ruthless statement but its true. More black women are doing Uplifting things for themselves than their black male counterparts. I am simply stating reality. If you cant take what I say or think I am wrong about what I say, please Enlighten me.

If we were to change this, the first thing would be to stop all contraband against black men. Everytime the TV is turned on to news, a black man is on their doing a crime. Why is that? I dont know why the guy was so dumb to do the crime but when you think about it, all races in this society commit crime. But its the black man that gets put on display like he is the most evil doer ever... When people growing up see these images of how black men are displayed, it does not help their mindset at all. It underlyingly puts a negative aura in their mind believe it or not. Proof is that a person's personality is made 70% from his enviornment and 30% from his/herself. So keep in mind, the news is your enviornment just as much as the guy on your block selling coke to little kids. Everything corralates to a result so rememeber to take in what you see and consider the implications it has on you as a person.

Of course the obvious change as well are to bring more guidance to black males. Statistically, many black males grow up without a father figure in their life to look up to. Although some have the ability to overcome this, many do not. Being that father figure in a man's life is one of the most important things anybody can do. It truly saves lives and hardships. Now, with that said, I will leave this open for discussion.

Setback: Stop using a crutch as a setback and make something better happen in your life. Dont settle for less.

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