Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sidebar: Fraudulent People

Dealing with fraudulent people can be one of the most dramatic occurrences someone may face day to day as a living person. You have to deal with them when you go to the storem when you get your car checked out, at the doctor's office, in an executive meeting, at a restaurant, in traffic, on the internet, EVERYWHERE! It is like a plague to this earth and I will be a hypocrit to say this if I didnt admit to being fraudulent myself. Everyone at one point is fraudulent and I will describe the different levels gladly below in order from not as bad to rediculous:

1. The Misdemeanor - This individual is usually a standup person. When they are told to do something, or need to go somewhere, they proceed with stability as to what they are going to do and how they will complete it. It is rare to find this person cooling out while they know something is needed to get done.

IOW: OK. Your good. I can deal.

2. Mr/Ms Topsy Turvy - Now, this is the type of person who is dependant upon what kind of day they are having. If they are having a good day and are in a go lucky mood, you will mostly likely get good responses from them as well as determination to finish tasks, which is amazing. But, when the day isnt going too well for them, do not expect them to spend anytime of the day coming to your demands and needs. They will not budge at all. But usually bad days are few and far in between so its usually nothign to worry about...usually.

IOW: Alright. I hope today is a good day....?

3. The Motivated Loosehead - The Motivated Loosehead is a chameleon. They can either be a floater, joining every organization possible in hopes for setting their mark everywhere, or they could be a one organization individual that has the motivation to run an organization. The problem with this is their drive and determination stops at their motivation. They will take on tasks as though they are completely ready for it and maybe finish half of it before they are going to do anymore of it. They may even go to the point of putting other organizations before the one you are in because deep down you know how they really feel about being apart of certain organizations more than others. In my eyes, if you are going to join something, put 100% into everything you join. Half doing something shows a lot in terms of how you manage yourself as a person and what you are REALLY capable of doing, not what you think you are capable of doing. I understand in some situations, people join fraternities/sororities and have a bigger want to do more things in terms of those organizations but lets think reality here. Those organizations are geared to teach you to do more in the societies you live in. That includes joining other clubs/orgs and performing at 100% because not only do you represent yourself when you go for an executive position, you represent the org indirectly and if people see that you as a person are frauding, assumptions on the frat/soror may be put there as well.

IOW: Get over yourself, nobody is superman.

4. The Mean Well - They mean well all the time. They want to do this, and this, and that, and maybe even that, but at the end of the day, nothing ever gets done. What gets worse is they will lie in order to make themselves look good even though in reality everybody knows they are lying and didnt do anything at all. The worst thing they do is offer to complete a task and last minute back out as though it is OK for them to do so. Holy crap! Are you serious? Did you really just do that? No. You will do what you said you would do to begin with. You have an exam to take? What exam? No response. I am finished with you. The Mean Wells will also boast themselves up whenever they can about tasks they did even though the task they did was not that serious. They also feel as though they have an equal say about anything discussed in a meeting...No. What you say means nothing to me because you do NOTHING at all. If you did a few things every now and then I wouldnt care but you do NOTHING. You always say you want to help out and do things but you never really do. You seem to just bring anger and hatred to yourself for being a Mean Well.

Also, what looks really bad for Mean Wells is when Misdemeanors takes the position they previously had and blows them out the water with the ideas and additions they add. It makes them look very dumb and horrible as a person. The worst idea they could have is posting their free time in a public place so everyone can see because when people notice they are free at certain times and dont actually do anything, they will get trashed.

The worst beyond worst Mean Wells are the individuals that try to talk their way out of any situation. Eventually one day, these smooth talkers will get burned and when they do, it will be a deep and utter disappointing time. Proof of this, a Mean Well I know was interning at a company last summer. Halfway through the summer, he was fired. Why you say? I dont actually knwo the reason why but I am 100% sure his fraudulence was shown because they didnt know how to do anything at all. All through college, this individual has had the opportunity to, lie and cheat his way to the top in terms of grades. But, from what I have learned from that situation is that althought you do this, your true colors will be shown when you are given the lime light.

IOW: Get out of my face. You are a walking target of hatred and disapproval if I ever seen one.


The Stone said...

Truth! Clap, clap, and third clap.

This is extra deep but it also is a chance to look in the mirror because honestly I'm trying to figure out which of the four I am.

GoSpeedRacerGo said...

I feel like i'm in between 1 and 2. Your like below a 1 yo.

Stephen said...

Hey GoSpeedRacerGo,

I've just discovered your blog, and this being the most recent of posts was the first thing I read. Thank you. After a few minutes of self-reflection, I think I fall between 2 and 3. It's going to take a lot of work to move up a level and stay there, but I owe it to myself.

GoSpeedRacerGo said...

I appreciate you checking out the blog. This is why I write stuff like this, to see how others feel about it and how they can get influenced by it. Im glad this writing hit you in that way. Its not meant to downsize others, but help them understand more about themselves as well as life in general. Feel free to look over any other blogs and let me know how you feel about them. I love discussion and criticism because thats how I learn. If you have any topics or anything you want me to blog about let me know too. Ideas are welcome.