Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring 2010

It is now my 8th semester at The Pennsylvania State University. For most people and majors, this would be their last majors. For me, not in hell. This is the first semester I did not want to come back. Like at all. Not to see college friends, not to see the social life, not to see any work. I just did not want to come back at all. That may sound a bit harsh but the circumstances I place myself in dont make it any better. I will have to at LEAST be here for another semester so it sucks to know the majority of peopel I started school here with will be departing shortly. At least, I hope they are and not staying here. I just thought about talking about this on the blog because I am not in a good mode right now and I need some type of inspiration and relaxation. Relaxation comes from this so this helps a bit but other than that. Yea...naw.

Also, due to recent starting of school, the blogging will be limited once again. I am going to start corralating what I talk about in my Moral Monday and Setback Saturday to deal with school issues, problems I have with the way things go, and of course exams!! I hope you will enjoy this. I will call this season of my blog "The Referendum of Kendal Coates or School: A common occurrence in College Life." I think it will be AMAZING.

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